A December 2 Remember: A Jemi Tale pt.10





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Published on Feb 1, 2010

Demi: All that sounds amazing, but I'm going to have to take a rain check. I already have plans with Selena and ...

Cody: Selena and who?

Demi: Madison. Yeah, Maddie, Selena, and Me have plans tonight. But I do want to do all those things with you and soon. Just not tonight, okay baby?

Cody: Okay, well I guess I'll just call you tomorrow then and see how you're doing.

Cody gives Demi a tap kiss on the lips and then leaves the set.

Demi: Oh Demi, what are you getting yourself into?

5:00 pm roles around and Demi, Selena, and Madison are standing in front of the bowling alley.

Demi's Mom: Now Don't Forget (Shameless Plug lol) to call me when you guys are almost done so that me or your father can come pick you girls up. And take good care of your sister.

Demi: Don't worry mom, she'll be okay. Plus you know Joe and the boys will have lots of security with them, soooo

Demi's Mom: Fine, fine. Just call okay. Bye

Demi, Selena, and Maddie walk into the bowling alley and notice the guys right away. They are surrounded by teenage girls and slowly signing autographs for people. Joe sees Demi and yells over the crowd.

Joe: Hey Demi! Over here, come on.

Demi, Selena, and Maddie walk over to them and some of the girls recognize Selena and she stops to sign some autographs while Demi and Madison go sit next to Frankie.

Maddie: Is it always this crazy with your brothers around?

Frankie: Yeah, but sometimes it can be worse. Nick told them they he would sign autographs for 15 minutes if people would then let them bowl in peace. I'm Frankie by the way.

Maddie: I'm Maddison but everybody calls me Maddie. You want to go play in the arcade?

Frankie: Okay, let me just get one of the bodyguards to come with us.

Frankie and Madison run off towards the arcade in the back of the bowling alley with two bodyguards walking close behind them. The crowd is finally clearing out and Selena walks back to sit next to Demi.

Selena: Kind of crazy huh? Just wait until people find out how awesome you are, the lines will be even bigger.

Demi: Haha, I doubt that but it's sweet of you to say.

Joe and Nick finally come over to say hi to the girls. They share a quick hug and you can hear the girls left in the crowd whispering to each other wondering who the girl that Joe Jonas is hugging might be.

Nick: Hi Selena, how have you been?

Selena: I'm good, I heard about you and Miley. I'm sorry it didn't work out.

Nick: Yeah, well not everything is meant to last. And sometimes it just leads you to something better.

Selena blushes as Nick gives her a small smile and starts to write their names into the score sheet for the bowling lane.

Joe: I'm glad you came Demi. I know it might feel weird but I do want to be your friend. No matter what.

Demi: I know you do Joe or I wouldn't be here. Besides me and Selena are going back to Texas during the Christmas break so I thought we should all hang out while we still had the chance.

Joe: Wait? Nick didn't tell you? I thought he had already told you.

Demi: Told me what?

Joe: We bought a house in Texas. We are going to fully move into it during the Christmas break.

Demi: REALLY?!!!?

Joe: Yeah. I guess you cant get rid of me that easy. Hahaha

Demi: Well this should be a December 2 Remember.


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