Birthday Song - 2 Chainz x Kanye West [Explicit Full Album Version] w/ Lyrics





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Published on Jul 26, 2012

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[Intro: 2 Chainz]
Birthday, it's your birthday
If I die bury me inside that Louis store

[Hook: 2 Chainz]
They ask me what I do and who I do it for
And how I come up with this shit up in the studio
All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho
All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho
When I die, bury me inside that Gucci store
When I die, bury me inside that Louis store
All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho
All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
She got a big booty so I call her Big Booty
Scrr..Scrr.. Wrists moving, cookin' to it
I'm in the kitchen, yams everywhere
Just made a jewel, I got bands everywhere
You the realest nigga breathin' if I hold my breath
Referee, with the whistle, brrrrrt! hold his tech
Extendo clip, extendo roll
When your girl leave me she need a hair salon
Hair weave killer goin' on a trapathon
See I done had more bombs than Pakistan
Dope bomb, dro bomb, and a pill bomb
See nigga, I'm ballin', you in will call
When I die, bury me inside the jewelry store
When I die, bury me inside the Truey store
True to my religion, true everything I'm too different
So when I die, bury me next to 2 bitches


[Verse 2: Kanye West]
Ah, Yeezy Yeezy how you do it huh?
It's my birthday, I deserve to be greedy huh?
She holding out, she ain't givin' to the needy huh?
You go downstairs and fall asleep with the T.V, on
Ya'll been together ten years, you deserve a ménage
'Specially if you put that BMW in the garage
'Specially if you paid a couple payments on her mamma crib
Weren't you at niece's graduation? Man, I hate those kids
Last birthday, she got you a new sweater
Put it on, give her a kiss, and tell her, "Do better"
She said, "How 'bout I get you jewelry from the Weston?"
How 'bout she hit the Westin and get her best friend?
I'm jokin', I'm just serious, I asked her
Don't be actin' like no actress, if we preachin' then we practice
Don't be reachin', don't be touchin' shit
We in Kanye West's Benz
Cause I will turn you back to a pedestrian


[Verse 3: J. Twist]
My bank account young, but that don't mean it's little
And it's my birthday, gone and make that ass jiggle
The way she make it wiggle make a nigga wanna fiddle in the middle
And she suck with both hands on my balls, double dribble
Bet I score! His wife is now a whore
I'm feeling like Shemar, she always gimme Moore!
Fuck a coupe, four door,
Backseat, more room
She suck it til it's dead
Then I bury it in her tomb
I plant 1 on her face but never in her womb
Wanna get swept off her feet she must invest in a broom
Ask me why I do this? pussy money and recognition
That is why I'm spittin, and you will never catch me slippin, nope
Keep it G or D-I-E you niggas average
I was born from a good woman,
So bury me in a bad bitch, uhh


[Verse 4: 2 Chainz (Kanye West, J. Twist)]
It's your birthday, it's your birthday
Bad bitches contest, you in first place
You in first place, you in first place
Bad bitches contest, you in first place
I show up with a check to your work place
Then hand the valet the keys to the Merc-ase
Tell the DJ play your song, this shit come on
What I'm seein' from the back I can't front on
They ask me what I do and who I do it for
When I die, bury me inside the booty club
Get it girl, get it girl, get it get it girl
Bad bitch contest you in 1st place!


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