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Published on Sep 24, 2011

http://bit.ly/jordancoloringbook Check out the Air Jordan Coloring Book Here is a real review of one of the hottest Sneakers release to come out in years or maybe ever. Nike Air Mags, or Marty Mcfly's or what ever you want to call them, this is one out of 1510 sneakers ever made being Review for all to see.

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Peace to DOC BROWN

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Abaddon Interitus
So the one thing that made these shoes famous in the movie, the power laces, they don't come with?  I'm sitting here smoking a pipe that charges up when I stick it in a whole on top of my computer, I'm writing a comment on a video right now on a telephone, that also doubles as a gameboy, a walkman, a word processor, a camera, a portable TV and an internet browser....and yet Nike still hasn't come up with a way to make automatic laces on a shoe???  Scientists really need to get their priorities straightened out. 
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Phennessy Burts
The power laces comes out this year when the shoe will be released 
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charley lance
So you can afford like $7000 shoes but record in really shitty quality?!
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ryno nunya
+charley lance Na he only uses his good one when a fucks you're mom
I Finn
Thank you!
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Christopher Hopman
how Do you have the air mags, but have the shittiest camera ever...
Furious Guy
Lol! Indian guy using the word "bro"....😂😂😂😂
Parmeet Singh
Christopher Hopman lmao chill bro this shit from 2011
The idiot bought the Nike Mags without the self-lacing technology, the technology will not be included until 2016. He literally bought toy shoes for hundreds of dollars.
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Monel Funkawitz
Never thought I'd watch a video of a grown man sniffing a rechargeable shoe.
fuck , them shoes are fucking stupidly horrible, you've got to be off your tits to wnt to BUY them let alone WEAR them haha. so theres 1500 stupid fucks in the world with these hahahaha
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Pyrex Paslo
theres a difference between an 'opinion' and 'hating'. im sure someone along the way has told you that ur a fuckin hater. either that or have shitty friends...probably bc ur a hater.
Quinn Allen
+Eric Perry The shoes are still dumb nonetheless.  Your argument is invalid
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Not to be racist but what's up with black people and shoes?
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+TehkNinja he is not black the black people talking shit
+That One Smasher You may not but can you honestly speak on behalf of the rest of the blacks?
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These shoes are so badass! It'd be so awesome if they actually mass produced a show like this, but then I guess it'd lose its collector's appeal, so I can understand why they wouldn't want to do that.
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Yeah, I heard. It's super awesome :D
Gorman Lasville
On September 8th 2015 there coming out in mass production worldwide !!!!
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Crazy Joe
Don't listen to these trolls. Awesome shoes man
Sereleia Sharple
10 fucking minutes of video??? And that guy don't even put them on!!!! Jesus Christ!!!
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Pyrex Paslo
+Sereleia Sharple i would definitely rock these. and still buy the 2015's and rock them too. ppl runnin around following trends and wearing $2,000 bc a rapper wears them. but i thought they were coming out with the power strap.
Sereleia Sharple
+CrImSoN HuNtEr the point is that they're supossed to be self-adjusting (now i know that they're not untill the 2015 edition), i'm not strange check out other videos, there are a lot of retarded people like me with their Nike Air Mags on their feet, dude.
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