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Uploaded on Aug 13, 2009

Windmill Isle Act 1-3

It's not enough to have Windmill Isle Act 1-2, apparently--the Apotos download pack also gives us Act 1-3, a further reimagining of what Sonic the Werehog must go through when night falls on the country of Apotos.

If you don't like watching Werehog battles, you'd best leave now! The entire stage is one big fight against an armada of some of the toughest monsters Sonic will ever face in this game.

If you've seen the original Windmill Isle Act 1, then you'll know this is the area where Sonic faces his first Titan (the giant enemies with the clubs). Well, the tiny Rexes in this stage have more HP than that Titan. The other enemies take 15 or so hits to actually go down--and this is the Werehog with maxed out stats! On top of that, the game pits you against some particularly annoying combinations of enemies. It begins with a Big Mother who has a wall of Rexes for you to dig through so she can stand back and attack away. (This, incidentally, is combo heaven because the enemies need so many hits to go down.) The next wave of enemies is a large bunch of Nightmares, Deep Nightmares, and Masters. You're then pitted against the short-range Egg Knights and the long-range Egg Shooters with a Power Master, a wizard-like enemy that increases the attack power of all other enemies, and this boost stacks too. So you're withstanding a flurry of bullets and sword swipes which could very well take out 1/5 of the Werehog's life bar with each hit, even at its biggest. A few particularly annoying enemies later, you're then facing off against the Titan with the most HP in the game by far. This stage does make creative use of those magic barriers though.

The barrels along the edges of this area all have a powerup that instantly restore the Werehog health bar to the top. Believe me when I say that I needed these, even with Werehog invincibility, but the struggle along the edges of the arena make it hard to save these barrels for when I really need them.

Anyway, getting an S-Rank here is not a simple task. Beating up the enemies will probably net you a B. Instead, you also need to boost your score with combos (done by continuously attacking the enemy; the combo breaks if at least three seconds pass by without hitting an enemy not yet KOed); and getting point bonuses from Critical Attacks. You really have to whittle down that health for the Critical Attacks this time because the game barely gives you any time to press the buttons it asks of you.

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