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Published on May 11, 2008

Could you stand by and watch a person being tortured slowly by fire until they died? What crime would they have to commit, in your opinion, to deserve such a punishment? If you locked someone in a burning room, would that play on your conscience?

Some believe atheists deserve an infinitely grislier fate than this, simply for doubting the existence of a being that doesn't openly present itself. I've always been curious about that.


For anyone confused about the last line, I am referring to phases of non-dreaming sleep. Clearly, dreaming sleep involves a form of consciousness. There is no suggestion that unconscious brain activity stops during sleep, nor is there any claim of 'absolute nothingness'. The idea is simply that we have whole chunks of our (non-dreaming) sleeping time that are - to all intents and purposes - 'blank' to us. This regular blankness doesn't freak us out, so nor should the idea of blankness after death. There is no claim that death is identical to non-dreaming sleep. The point concerns absence of conscious awareness *to all intents and purposes*.

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Eron Constante
QualiaSoup we wanna see more videos from you!!!
ixtl guul
When believers say they believe Hell is a real place, are we entitled to ask, "OK, where is it, then?"
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Next time people are confused about experiencing "nothing", just ask them what it was like before they were born...
Rational Empiricism
For one to deserve an infinite punishment, one must commit an infinite crime.  For that reason, there is only one being in Christian mythology deserving of such a punishment.
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We don't experience large chunks of nothing when we sleep... A more accurate example would be when you're put to sleep before an operation. If you've ever experienced that, or, more accurately, not experienced that, then that's a much better way to explain it.
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if you really truly believed in heaven and hell, you as a christian should kill every believer. The possibility of someone losing their faith and then dying and going to hell should be too horrific for anyone to take that chance.
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Hell still scares me even though I have no basis in believing it.  IF there is a God that does not reveal himself, and a place of eternal punishment called Hell, that God is truly not worthy of worship.  I would rather have not existed than be doomed to this life if that is the case.
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A god who is infinitely wise and loving, but says "I never knew you" to people he should logically know and supposedly love; how the FUCK do you justify worshiping such a god? To me, such a god is the imagination of very evil and sadistic HUMANS!
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Superb video,and don't forget the large chunks of nothingness before we were even born.I asked a Christian about before they were born and he said that god had his spirit in a little pod waiting to be born,he couldn't quite believe there was a time that he never existed and is very offended and frightened that he will not exist after his death and the world will go on with out him,i admit myself as an atheist that the notion of being nothing after you die is is quite fear inducing but i won't have a brain to feel the fear,so worst bit about death must be thinking about it while we are  alive.
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Tim Langenderfer
4:59 oh shit, i never thought about that before. thats a good point.
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