Street Fighter 4 IV Full Arcade Mode Done by Ryu





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Published on Feb 13, 2009

Street Fighter 4 IV got leaked a few days ago :D and i got it! Okay so ill try to finish the arcade mode with every character in the game.. in this one i beat the game with Ryu, sorry the screen is a bit off but its nothing disturbing..its not like you guys missed anything, ill fix it next video! I'm playing on my xbox 360 ofcourse..enjoy!

My Words on the Game:
Awesome..period. Really this game is really good like the graphics are great but the thing is its pretty hard on the friken 360 controller..really my thumb is hurting bad...im planning on getting the joystick and the original disk because i want to support it and i want to play live :D wats kewl is that during a game or match someone can challenge you (if youre online) so if ure on arcade mode someone can interfere and face you! also during a match or game you can change ur controls theres control type A..control type B and control Type C and theres Custom control where you can change high kick low kick high punch etc. etc. to whatever you want with a click of a button ! am still unlocking characteres and ive only been playing for about an hour...sooo yaa! Though theres a few characters who are the hugest pain in the asses i swear..like E.Honda, they made him harder than he should be, also C.Viper shes a friken
piss off!! Her moves are really gay, they're soo cheap! and BLANKA! if you jump you like know hes gonna do that electric thingy but you cant stop it, seth will always be an ass! thats the last character, he has the most predictable A.I but its soo damn cheap! i didnt figure out the pattern yet... theres more i think i just cant remember :D
Ill do a review for you guys! I play on my moniter and i want to use my DVD recorder but i lost my remote..so im hoping to get a universal remote this weekend. Enjoy!!

Console:Xbox 360

Comments • 73

Bojan Krunic
4:28 : i watn my moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye!!!!! 
Ryu is best
Official Tru-Dru
Oh Good the Video Finall works...It must have been the Slow ass PC at my Local Library. Whoever gave me A Thumbs Down is an Asshole!!
well thats the point -,- thats why i put it on 1 round so its fast
Guilherme Heitor
this game should be in more 2D than 3D
Official Tru-Dru
somethings wrong with the Video it keeps on saying an error occured try again later...you'll have to do it over.
James Black
can i ply tis arcade mode with 2player and unlock characters?
i hate seth, his stragety is sonic boom x100, teleport alot, sucktion thing to get u in close and he grabs WAY to much, its realy annoying
Official Tru-Dru
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