JFK assassination: Secret Service Standdown





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Published on Jul 27, 2006

Watch as the two secret service men assigned to protect president Kennedy's motorcade are ordered to stand down just minutes before entering Dealey Plaza. They are obviously not happy about being given these orders. It brings up another question: Where was NORAD on 9/11, who was in charge and why? (View my other videos)

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Michael Mostacci
I was an Army Ranger and scored 297 out 300 ! No way did Oswald acted only! I challenge anyone to to prove me wrong! I sat in the" shooters nest twice , he could not have even see his target. If the CIA is reading this: Fuck you!
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Bob Trihy
Michael Mostacci You can't sit in the snipers nest it's encased in glass.
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Kennedy was killed because he was going to do away with the FED...
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Rothschild killed JFK
And inspect the illegal nukes at Dimona israHell and stop wars vietnam
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Video proof the CIA altered the films. People moved & missing. On a wide view Zapruder film see 4 people AFTER the fall down man. Freeze & study. Boy - fathers hand on boys head - woman arm-in-arm with father - white shirt man ALONE farther away. NO people in background up to Main St. Film "Nix at 25%". Freeze at 0:35 . Boy - fathers hand on boys head - NO woman arm-in-arm with father - white shirt man much farther away WITH a woman next to him. People in background up to Main St.
Badass Frank
When the film was returned to Zapruder he said there were no changes in it.   I know, I know...Zapruder was in on the conspiracy, lol
kathy lawrence
Kennedy was going to dismantle the CIA and fired Allen Dulles.
Jaja Sang
Years ago on one of Bostons' radio station, there was an interview from one of the SS agents that were with Kennedy that day. I cannot recall his name, but he said he felt upset that the president was riding in an 'open car'. He wanted to ride on the back with another agent. His 'superior' was very emphatic about NO ONE being on the back of the President's limo. Interesting...don't you think?
Nikola Tesla
Interesting how a president can be killed, and the alleged assassin of the president can be eliminated, and the assassin of the assassin, desperately eager to talk..., dead while facing his death penalty trial; but the ¨Cosa Nostra´s¨ most wanted man, and biggest mob rat ever, Joe Valachi, could never be reached by the long arm of the mafia. Something else to think about...
Doug Kelly
why on earth would the president's limo not have any SS men walking along with it protecting him?  I don't know how any of these anti-conspiracy people can argue against this evidence...this to me is the most telling piece of footage pointing to something being unusual about that day...
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Doug Kelly
I'm not sure if you are being facetious or serious. Anyway, as I recall reading, Hoover completed his report less than a month after the assassination which was ridiculous. This is the POTUS for crying out loud and you spent less time investigating his murder than most lesser crimes are investigated.
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Michael Johnson
The route was changed. They shouldn't have gone through Dealy Plaza. If they did, agents should have secured the rooftops and closed any open windows. Two of the three sniper teams would have been neutralized had they done so. Because Emory didn't, the assasins had triangulation. A sure thing. The crowd was thinned in Dealy Plaza. The motorcade was slowed to a crawl by the zig zag route. Emory Roberts called the motorcycle cops and ss agents back in the kill zone. In the Zapruder film, the driver of the presidential limo keeps looking back and slowing down in the kill zone until the presidents head explodes! Oswald was the designated fall guy. He was told to stay in the lunchroom, but after the commotion of the shooting, he was smart enough to go outside, then seeing what happened, he knew he'd been had, and he fled. Who had the power to pull all the strings required to bring this puppet show to life? The Dulles brothers have always been my choice, with the roledex kid in operational control.
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David Emerling
The route was changed. This is a popular conspiracy factoid that seems to never go away. The route was never changed. They shouldn't have gone through Dealy Plaza. The purpose of the motorcade was public exposure. The best place to get public exposure is to go down Main Street on a weekday during most people's lunch hour. That was the plan. It makes sense. Well, Main Street leads directly into Dealey Plaza. From there, they needed to get to the Trade Mart where the president was scheduled to give a speech. The Stemmons Freeway takes you expeditiously to the Trade Mart but you cannot get onto the exit for Stemmons Freeway from Main Street. You can only do it from Elm Street. Therefore, although not ideal, the zig-zag from Main to Houston to Elm was necessary. If they did, agents should have secured the rooftops and closed any open windows. Every rooftop and every window in downtown Dallas? Get real! The Dallas motorcade was typical of all of President Kennedy's previous motorcades. There was nothing particularly unusual about it.
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bill carson
"Past is prologue" - William Shakespeare. This metaphor means whatever has happened in the past has set up present day events. JFK"s assassination by CIA led conspirators means the remaining conspirators & their protegees are still functioning against us. Here is an excellent example. The CIA sponsored Operation Gladio. Vincenzo Vinciguerra confessed in sworn testimony in 1984 on the secret CIA funded Operation Gladio in Europe: "You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. To force the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security". Operation Gladio = Operation 9/11 = Operation Muslim Terrorists = the coming Operation US Police State.
Héctor F
4 people in car
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Robert Bradley
So you're saying the President, the first lady, the governor of Texas and the Governor's Wife was driving? Good grief some of you are thick as a brick there's 4 dignitaries and two secret service members in the car. Who could forget the crazy driver shoots Kennedy Conspiracy? Some of you don't even have the intellectual capacity to debate much less know the facts!
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