9/11 Hologram Plane Theory - Bill Cooper RIP Nov 5 2001





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Published on Oct 23, 2013

9/11 Hologram Plane Theory. Are you kidding me? Is this some kind of joke that people would fall for this. When in hell are you going to wake up? You know how much money the CIA, NSA, FBI has each year? Do you know how many agents? Do you know the technology to be able to eavesdrop on every single call in the world? You have no idea, whatever you think the art of technology in the civilian sector, they are at least 50-100 years ahead of what you can ever imagine. William "Bill" Cooper RIP Nov 5th 2001

Feb 8, 2001 US Patent WO2001059801 A1 - PLASMA COLUMN http://www.google.com/patents/WO20010...

Jan 11, 2001 US Patent Application 20070238252 - Cosmic particle ignition of artificially ionized plasma patterns in the atmosphere http://saive.com/WXMOD/Eastlund_Cosmi...
May 21, 1999 US Patent 6674970 B1 - PLASMA ANTENNAE with two-fluid ionization current http://www.google.sc/patents/US6674970

Mar 12, 1991 US Patent 4999637 - CHEMTRAILS (How the NSA taps every conversation in the World) - A CREATION OF ARTIFICIAL IONIZATION CLOUDS ABOVE THE EARTH for Nikola Tesla's Worldwide Wireless Communications & Tesla's Wireless Power Transfer. http://www.google.com/patents/US4999637


Mar 31, 1964 US Patent 3127608 A - PROJECTED KINETICS (PRICK "Projected Imagery Kinetics") OBJECT CAMOUFLAGE METHOD AND APPARATUS http://www.google.com/patents/US3127608

Jan 20, 1966 US Patent US3404403 LASER BEAM ANTENNAE http://www.google.com/patents/US3404403

Aug 21, 1956 US Patent 2760055 A - COSMIC RAY MOTOR - An Antenna of ionized air - The "Kenetron" tubes are capable of rectifying voltages exceeding 100,000 volts to supply a direct current to the leads of the X-ray tube. Tesla was able to produce 4 Million volts. http://www.google.com/patents/US2760055

Mar 8, 1955 US Patent US 2703882 A - RADIANT ENERGY TRANSMISSION SYSTEM http://www.google.com/patents/US2703882

1951 BWO Carcinotron is a vacuum tube that is used to generate microwaves up to the Terahertz range. It belongs to the traveling-wave tube family. It is an oscillator with a wide electronic tuning range. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backward...

1942 RCA Traveling-wave tube (TWT) is a specialized vacuum tube that is used in electronics to amplify radio frequency (RF) signals to high power, usually as part of an electronic assembly known as a traveling-wave tube amplifier (TWTA). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travelin...

1937 The Klystron Particle Beam Accelerator "Tesla's Death Ray" and "Missile Shield" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klystron

Tesla in 1895 after a meeting with JP Morgan about his new discovery of the "Electric Ray" for Free Wireless Energy. By the time Tesla returned to his 5 story lab in NY, it was burned to the ground.

1890 Tesla's financier in Colorado Springs, Charles Peck died, just as Tesla was switching from working on electric motors to researching radio waves

1891 Tesla Wireless Power + Hydro Plant in Colorado Springs

1893 Days before Tesla lights the Chicago Worlds Fair with AC Power and Fluorescent lighting, JP Morgan stages a banking panic that shuts down the railways headed to the fiar and 15,000 businesses go out of business

1895 Tesla/Westinghouse builds Niagara Falls

09/6/1901 President McKinley assassinated visiting Tesla AC System at Niagara

11/5/1901 Patent #685957 (Wireless Energy)

1903-5 A "string of accidents" plague Wardenclyffe

1905 JP Morgan cancels funding for Wardenclyffe

1906 Co-desiger of Wardenclyffe, Stanford White, was murdered

1907 May Final Patent #1119732 (Wardenclyffe Tower)

1907 Oct Rothschild/Rockefeller's Anaconda Copper vs Heinze's United Copper Banking Panic & FED staged to destroy Heinze/Tesla/Westinghouse/Asto­r

1907 Nov JP Morgan bails out the US Govt

1912 Tesla financier John Astor dies on Titanic

1913 The FED replaces the Free Energy System

1914 Westinghouse & Heinze die

1917 Involved in a conspiracy, Woodrow Wilson signed a resolution in 1920 offering "Free Energy Devices" protection. According to some, Wilson was assassinated in 1924 because of his support for Free Energy Devices

7/4/1917 Wardenclyffe Demolished, Tesla Radar scuttled

1929-1931 Tesla invents the "Cosmic Ray Motor"

1931 Great Depression Staged by Bankers

1929-1935 Dust Bowl Storm Staged by Colorado Springs Lab

1937 Tesla releases his "Dynamic Theory of Gravity"

1938 Tesla gets run over by a Taxi

1/7/1943 Tesla dies two weeks after announcing Worldwide Wireless Energy, Death Ray, Missile Shield

1/15/1943 FBI agents Foxworth & Haberfeld died traveling to meet Eisenhower at his request, a day earlier, seized all the paperwork surrounding Tesla's experiments


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