Open Pentagram Used as a Snare to Entrap





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Published on Apr 1, 2009

While the pentagram is used by occultists for protection, an open or broken pentagram is supposedly used as a snare or to entrap. The argument is presented that open or broken magical symbols or devices don't work, but those who present this are ignorant of the facts.

The broken pentagram is a well know symbol in the occult.

Brent Morris, who pretends to be a scholar, chimes in with the idea that to his recollection magical signs and sigil needed to be complete to work, and since the pentagram wasn't complete it couldn't be a magical or satantic sign, therefore Masons are not Satanic or magicians. Actually he puts it in the form of a question, which is: if magical signs need to be complete to work, and if Masons are supposed to be so all powerful, why couldn't they make a complete pentagram?

If you look you will see that Mason Johann Wolfgang von Goethe published a partial printing his play "Faustus" in 1790; a play that the earliest forms of which, known as the Urfaust, were developed between 1772 and 1775. In Goethe's Faust, the pentagram prevents Mephistopheles from leaving a room -

Mephistopheles: Let me own up! I cannot go away; a little hindrance bids me stay. The Witch's foot upon your sill I see.
Faust: The pentagram? That's in your way? You son of Hell explain to me, if that stays you, how came you in today? And how was such a spirit so betrayed?
Mephistopheles: Observe it closely! It is not well made; one angle, on the outer side of it, is just a little open, as you see.

This suggests that while the pentagram is generally understood to be a tool for protection, to ward off, or keep evil at bay, the broken pentagram is a symbol of magical invocation, of capturing or containment; a symbolic means of a controlling ensnarement. The open pentagram is a snare.



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