The Complete Idiot's Guide to the New World Order





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Published on Apr 11, 2008


The Council on Foreign Relations
The Bilderberg Group
Trilateral Commission
New World Order
North American Union
Military Industrial Complex
Federal Reserve
Security and Prosperity Partnership
Martial Law
Freedom to Fascism
Big Brother Society
Police State

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Those  who are not  waking  up  right  now, have  to  be  considered  part of  the problem, and  should  be  treated  as  such. Those  who  think  that   everything on  TeeeVeeee  is  all gospel truth  should   do  the  world a  favor, wear  something so  we  can tell who  you are.. FLEECE armband  maybe? SHEEPLE are the  enemies  best tool !
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What the hell ever happened to Glen Beck?
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Drew Dreiling
If you think that the battle for good vs evil is primarily a battle of man vs man or human group vs human group you are mistaken, and you need to have your spiritual vision checked. The battle is not against flesh and blood. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, the powers that are influencing the human powers (the so called global elite) are not human powers. There are spirits- malignant beings without physical form but with minds and a will. These beings, though different in power and specific purpose, do share one unifying purpose- they are united in their desire to see the destruction and death of each and every man, and mankind as a whole. See the powers behind the global elite for what they are, and ask God for weaponry to wage effective war against these beings. 
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Rafael Zambrana
Go to 42 seconds into the video right before Kennedy gets the shot that blows his brains, but don't look at him, LOOK AT THE DRIVER on the right of the frame.   See how he turns his head while driving and brings up a gun with his LEFT HAND and places it over his (drivers) right shoulder, and FIRES towards his back point blank at Kennedy's face. The killer is right there in front of all of us and we are so involved in watching Kennedy's head blowing off on the left, we don't see him shooting him!!! Other shots had already been taken from elsewhere at the back and there was confusion, that's why the driver could do it in about 4 seconds without being seen.    This is the reason Kennedy's brains landed on the top of the trunk and not to the front as it should have been if the shot had come from the building at the back where supposedly Oswald was.   Jacqueline instinctively climbed on all fours over the trunk to collect John's brains to the BACK.
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Keri Calaway
sick to my stomach . . . to discover that I've been lied to my whole life . . . smh
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Joseph Dunnam
That's very factual about the NWO
Imagine if we united as one nation
schae lakhan
awesome video
Brian Mcbrian
shit another of those shitty compilation with no real explanation or theses....basically opening a garbage can is pretty much like watching this.
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