Westfarms Mall CT Apple Store visit iPhone 4S no wifi grayed out after upgrade to iOS 7





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Published on Nov 17, 2013

This is just a sample of what happened with my visit to the Westfarms Mall Apple Store on 11/17/13. My wife's iPhone 4S suffered the battery and wifi issues as soon as she updated the ios from ios6 to ios7...Apple didin't even look at the phone to see what it was but rather, just wanted to sell me a new phone. more below.....

Posted on Oct 13th and have been waiting to see how this all plays out:

"My wife's phone is doing the exact same thing. iPhone 4s 64G and soon as ios7 was installed the battery life has gone down the drain (yes I did all the suggested fixes to cut down on the battery drain), but the battery just drains for no reason. It was at 100% this afternoon and now it is at 23% and the phone has been sitting on the dresser not doing anything. Also the Wifi is grayed out. The phone is mint and has always been in an otter box. I am not going to try to freeze or heat my phone, it is clearly something with the update to ios 7. My wife was so mad about the battery thinking it wa apples way of making people upgrade to a new phone, she went out and bought a Galaxy S4. I am also due for an upgrade and was looking at the 5S, but if Apple is not going to do anything about this, I may also look to another manufacturer as well after having an 3S, 4 and 2 4S's, 2 ipods, itouch, etc (10 apple devices over the last 4-5 years). This thread is also making the news http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/1... for-some-iphone-4s-owners"

My update from Sunday:

Went to my local Apple Store here in CT at Westfarms Mall in West Hartford. Got the run around like everyone else. My local NBC station even did a story on it (search online for "nbc connecticut iphone issues"). The genius I saw sent me off to a tech and the tech pretty much gave me the "this is what they tell me to say" and blamed it on the wifi antenna, yet he never actually looked at my phone. He had it in his hand but never checked the wifi on it. I upgraded to 7.0.4 this morning then wiped the phone after that. he went strictly on what I told him about the battery and grayed out wifi problems. He did offer to sell me a new phone though. Then he got the lead genius and gave me the same speech, "buying a new phone was the best option" but let the cat out of the bag by saying if they sold me a new phone, not to restore it from a backup because it may bring the same thing back on because it's more software. So wait, first it's a hardware issue and now it's a software issue? Which is it? When I told him that I won't update my phone with ios 7.0.3 or 7.0.4 in fear of it messing up my wifi, he just says "fair enough". it's my chioce to do that. Yet an iPhone which he likes to state that is 300 days over the warranty (bought 1/1/12), which worked fine before the upgraded ios, as soon as it it upgraded, it's my problem now? I don't think so. When I asked so anyone with an iPhone 4S that upgraded the ios and now has the grayed out wifi is just out of luck and he shook his head yes. Oh wait, you can't see him shake his head yes. Oh, yes you can. http://youtu.be/XR6AVn5EPIM . I video recorded the whole conversation and I am wondering if I should put the whole thing up or not, and what else to add to the video as far as video of it not working,etc. Im not letting this one go. Even this video shows that it is a software issue. http://youtu.be/4mVkiU2jNSE Warranty or not, the iphone is like new and everything was fine before she upgraded it to ios7. It shouldn't be my responsibility to have it fixed or have to buy a new phone...We did nothing wrong!


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