Four Horsemen of the Dollar Apocalypse - Jim Rickards





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Published on Feb 22, 2013

Fed Won't STOP PRINTING Until Dollar Collapses
_Four Horsemen of the Dollar Apocalypse
Dollar Collapse Model - Jim Rickards

This excerpt from Jim Rickard's 12.7.10 lecture at Johns Hopkins University describes how repudiation of the U.S. Dollar would lead to its collapse.

An Examination of U.S. Dollar Declines

A good bit of research. I noticed by looking at a 600 year old silver chart priced in 1998 Dollars. The current price is ridiculously low. Silver was short in Europe up until about 1400 then, a huge new supply started coming in from South and central America via the Spanish. Later in the 1800s, the US and mexico using mechanised mining again produced massive amounts of silver.

Silver was demonetised in 1873 by the banksters. This meant there were massive amounts of silver vaulted up. Now it's all gone and the current price is only a tiny fraction of the prices in the middle ages. This was when silver was the most plentiful in the western world ever.

The lowest price for 600 years was actually in 2001!!!!!

Why they have to manipulate silver: For many decades the rate of inflation has been falsified downward. This is because inflation is a hidden tax on paper money so they have an interest to downplay it. The problem is that the inflation rate is a compounding figure because each annual percentage rate is a percentage rate of the new total of the previous year. They try and show you a flat curve and refer the the rate as "stable" but each progressive new year there's really an ever increasing curve that get steeper as time goes on. In the end they have to progressively cheat the new figure even more which of course pushes the curve even steeper. Eventually it will go parabolic and the bubble system will collapse.

If they didn't manipulate the price downward the real inflation would be exposed because the PMs are not really moving in value but the bubble money in getting progressively more worthless at a faster rate.

As soon as the perception of say for instance, a Silver one ounce eagle becomes that of a monetary unit. then the true price discovery will start. This is the banksters worse nightmare because it exposes the fact that they have robbed the system blind essentially through deceit and fraud. Then the confidence is gone and the inflation which can now longer be hidden goes to hyperinflation.

They are already printing which means they can never stop printing because it's all issued as debt so there will never be enough money to ever settle. In history it goes into hyperinflation and the banksters never stop printing because even if it costs a million buck for a loaf of bread it costs less than a loaf of bread for a bankster to type in an account entry on a computer.

In the end it goes to zero which is it's intrinsic value as is always replaced with a commodity money, usually some sort of gold backing. I can't find any instances where an unbacked system that collapsed has ever successfully been replaced by another unbacked system no matter how well intentioned or well thought out it was.

The commodity money can restore confidence and enforce prudent discipline. After a while, A very well run token system can be started and run alongside it. The soft currency allows more growth and investment whilst the commodity money guards the fort of a store of value for savers.


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