When FOX Thinks Canada is Funny Part 1





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Published on Mar 23, 2009

I just want to make things clear for anyone expecting more lets play installments. I'm not exclusively doing one thing, never said I would. If this isn't your kind of thing, just skip it and move on.

I also want to clarify, when I say "you" I mean the Americans who pushed the Iraq and "war on terror" on everyone like these idiots on Fox News. Not America in general, it's a vague generalization which was pretty stupid on my part. So for that I'm sorry.
This needed to happen though, especially when this aired only a few days before four more dead Canadians were brought back from Afghanistan. People can joke about other countries for a lot of things, but the moment anyone starts to make light of a violent and fragile situation like the NATO forces in Afghanistan have to deal with. The whole world has a problem.

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Terry Whelan
The Yanks invaded Canada 8 times in 1812-1814. Canada had 7 major decisive victories, lost a water battle on Lake Erie which was not of a major consequence in the war which ended with the Whitehouse turned black. Apparently the east wing still has a lingering burnt odor that is quite apparent, this is why President Cleveland had the west wing built so he could get away from the persistent stench. In a gorilla war was fought, Canada would prevail, there's no doubt in my mind!
Salmon Boss Ross
canada has a great military they had a name for us in WWI storm troopers becuase we were the only ones to get shit done 
Chris Mann
This (Redeye) is a dumb comedy gossip show. It's dumb, snarky, sarcastic humor. I think people are just not getting the tone. I can see interpreting the sarcasm as literal, but it's not really.
So you really want me to respect you when your channel says "invade canada" and you don't even bother to punctuate your sentence? Uh...no. Doesn't work that way. Also, are you in Afghanistan right now? Because if you're not. Then take your "have you been there" comment and shove it back up your ass. The Canadian part of the NATO mission is in Kandahar, one of the most violent provinces there. I'm giving you one more chance to act civil like your friend Caroliny27. Don't expect a second.
I know they aren't serious. But generally these are the same comments made by people who really are serious, and who are on the same news network. It's just easier to deal with them here than anywhere else (also this was pretty easy to get my hands on). Also I've said this before, but Afghanistan is a NATO mission. And it was agreed by everyone that the extremists ruling that area were an international threat which is why everyone went into that country. So techinically you're right.
Okay. Could everyone have something actually interesting to say from now on? Seeing "Fuck FOX News" over and over again just makes me think that nobody has any real opinions out there. We have words, use them. This is a warning. I'm not going to tolerate useless comments from this point forward. If all you're going to do is just that, don't even bother.
How about you actually make a video. Then you can talk about view counts. Which even then relies on me actually caring how many views I have, which I don't. Also. Winning would have meant you had an intelligent argument to begin with. Which you didn't. Go back to your bridge, I hear some goats are on their way.
Some of what they said were obviously jokes (really lame ones) but a lot wasn't. And honestly I'm more offended that they're hiding behind the "it's only a joke" defence than anything they said. Even if Jon Stewart said something in this obviously non joking manner he would get called out for it and rightly so. Really what they said is pretty typical of everything FOX news does even on their primetime shows. Yes they were sarcastic, but not on the points they should have been joking on.
Man, read the description. I'm NOT talking about ALL Americans. Just the really stupid ones. And actually there's a big debate going on in parliament about if we actually should leave or not. It's mainly fueled by the number of dead coming back every day, as well as a lack of any visible benefit from staying. Personally I don't think we should, but that has more to do with what will happen to the Afghani people than anything else.
Guess what Coroliney27 and blastyourbrains? That entirely pointless and may I add idiotic debate is gone. If you want to flame eachother then do it yourselves. Stop spamming my comments with this useless shit. Like I said. "Don't feed the trolls!"
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