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Published on Jun 21, 2011

Music video by Rise Against performing Make It Stop (September's Children). (C) 2011 DGC Records
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"It's always darkest just before the dawn. So stay awake with me, let's prove them wrong." Aight, ill try, but it better be good. im kinda tired.
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Sabrina Rae
In case anyone else was wondering. Tyler Clementi, age 18, September 22nd, 2010. Tyler attended Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey. He told his parents he was gay just before starting college. His father accepted him, and his mother too, but not at first. His college roommate Ravi somehow found him on a gay site and tweeted about suspecting him of being gay. On September 19th Tyler asked for the dorm to himself and Ravi had the computer webcam on to spy on him as he watched in a friend's dorm. Tyler and his friend kissed and Ravi tweeted what he witnessed. Tyler wanted the house again on the 21st and this time Ravi invited people on twitter to stream the webcam. Fortunately, Tyler noticed the webcam and disconnected it. He ended up being in the presence of his roommate for less than an hour 15 hours prior to his suicide on the George Washington Bridge. Billy Lucas, age 15, September 9th, 2010. Billy went to Greensburg High School in Indiana and endured bullying because of his learning disability and ethnicity; he was hit, kicked and called a fag despite never self- identifying as gay. It is remembered that, "everyone made fun of him." At least one former student made administrators aware of his LGBT bullying and they did nothing. The day of his suicide some of his peers told him he did not deserve to live. Billy's mother found him hanging in his grandmother's barn. Harrison Chase Brown, age 15, September 25, 2010. I couldn't find anything about why he committed suicide or how, except that it was LGBT related. I did read his obituary though. He was talented, cheery, and he was always that kid that could just walk in and, "light up the room." Cody J. Barker, age 17, September 13th, 2010. Cody atteneded Shiocton High school in Wisconsin and was openly gay. He tried to establish a gay/straight alliance but ended up taking his life. Again I didn't really find anything about how or why he killed himself, I would guess bullying. Seth Walsh, age 13, September 27th, 2010. Seth ended up living much of his life afraid. He read the bible a lot, and felt the things he saw about homosexuality unsettling. His single mother, grandparents, and siblings supported him and wanted to protect him. Seth was teased in 4th and 5th grade for suspicion of being gay. Then 6th grade for style of dress and mannerisms as well and it turned into bullying. By 7th grade he was afraid to walk home due to harassment, and he endured every form. From walking past a classroom and someone yelling "queer," over the phone, and over the internet. One day Seth appeared to be acting normally and told his mother he was going to his backyard to play with the dogs. His mother found him unconscious and not breathing under a tree after attempting to kill himself. He was on life support for 10 days after being taken to the hospital. RIP, guys.
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Lyrics: Bang bang go the coffin nails Like a breath, exhaled then gone forever It seems like just yesterday How did i miss the red flags raise? Think back to the days we left We brave these bitter storms together Brought to his knees he cried But on his feet he died What god would deal a heart? And what god drove us apart? What god could... Make it stop Let this end 18 years pushed to the ledge It's come to this A weightless step On the way down, singing Whoah, oh... Bang bang from the closet walls The schoolhouse halls The shotgun's loaded Push me and i'll push back I'm done asking, i demand From the nation under god I feel its love like a cattleprod I'm born free, but still they hate I'm born me, no, i can't change It's always darkest just before the dawn So stay awake with me Let's prove them wrong Make it stop Let this end 18 years pushed to the ledge It's come to this A weightless step On the way down, singing Whoah, oh... The cold river, wash him away But how could we forget The cavalries of candles But not their tongues And too much blood has fallen from the wrist Of the children shamed for those they chose to kiss? Who will rise to stop the blood? We're calling for, insisting on A different beat, yeah, a brand new song Make it stop Let this end This life chose me I'm not lost in sin I'm proud I stand Of who i am I plan of going on living Make it stop Let this end All these years pushed to the ledge I'm proud i stand Of who i am I plan to go on living
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Stefan Habbig
chester bennington... age 41.. :( RIP
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As a 21 year old guy with asperger syndrome that suffered from bullying during pretty much all school (for the syndrome and later for being bisexual), whom almost committed suicide, i must say that... it really gets better. On the last 3 years of highschool, i manage to make a small (but amazing) group of friends. We still communicate and go out till today. Now I'm studying clinical psychology to help people have a better emotional health.
You know that is why I love Rock and all genres connected. They often have a message and really good lyrics, whereas Pop is so shallow and it's mostly about the same thoughtless stuff. Good to listen while cooking and if you don't want to think but have some stuff playing in the background. But good music makes you think. Great video and great band!
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Brandon Yipp
i remember when i tried to kill myself... thank god i thought of my lil' sister
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Ute Kuehl
This song saved my sons life! He got bullied so much in school from kindergarden to 12th grade. What was worse was when an assistant principal bullied him by calling him a liar and untrustworthy and forcefully making him write an apology letter to who was bullying him! That made everything worse for him he tried to end his life 17 times! When this song came out it changed him and got him to turn to the power of music and now he has his own YouTube channel where he promotes positivity and love and being there for everyone. His name is Christian kuehl and I ask you kindly to check out his channel and like and subscribe and comment on his posts. Thank you rise against for saving his life
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Nope Is Right
This song is a true piece of art. I'm sitting here crying, which obviously means it's great. This teaches the best of lessons. I showed this to Food and Family teacher and she decided to show it to the class. I was the one in the corner singing it but still crying.
Mara S.
I really needed this song right now...
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