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Published on Jul 28, 2012

"...Push me away, if you don't feel like you can be faithful, pull me close, if I'm the one you can't leave without, hold me tight, I want to stay in your arms, let me go, if all you have to offer is sorrow."

Save Him

×Chapter O1×


My body was in excruciating pain. My lip was slightly busted; I had a few bruises on my stomach, legs, and chest area and I had a hand print on my right cheek. This isn't the worst beating I have received so I am really grateful.

I lay in Graham's arms, watching the sun rise. I look at him, peacefully sleeping, his hand entwined with mine. I remove his hand from mine slowly and slipped out of the bed.

I walk in to the bathroom and head for the shower. I turn the knob and water shoots out of the showerhead. I strip out of my clothing and step inside.

I flinch as the water hits my newly formed bruises. It was painful but I quickly got use to it.

I cleansed myself then turned off the shower. I stepped out and wrapped myself with a towel.

I stood in front of the mirror, examining my face. The bruises seemed to be showing more than before.

I sigh, running my hand through my hair.

I pull out some concealer and dab it on my face. I look at my face again and the bruises were all hidden. I walk out of the bathroom quietly and pull an outfit out of my closet.

(Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/alize/set?id=...)

I sign a note that tells Graham that I was going to McDonalds. I don't want him to think I left him.

I open the door and the warmness of the sun hits me. I step outside, closing the door lightly.

I walk down the side walk and see someone with a curly afro in front of me.

Smiling, I sneak up behind him and cover his eyes with my hands.

"Guess who..." I say quietly in his ear.

"Um, Demi Lovato?"

I raise my eyebrow and shake my head," Nope..."

"Dang, um, Nicki Minaj...?"

I roll my eyes playfully and shake my head once again," Not really..."

"Is it my best friend, Alize?"

"Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!" I say removing my hands from his eyes.

Jacob turns around and pulls me into an embrace.

"Hey Alize, what are you doing out here so early?" Jacob says as he pulls away.

"Shouldn't I be asking YOU that, Mr. Fernando?" I poke his stomach.

"Nope, now what are you doing out here?" He pokes me back.

"Nothing, I was just going to McDonalds to get Graham and I some breakfast."

"Oh, that's cool." He nods and looks down at the concrete sidewalk.

"Do you want to come, Mr. Fernando?" I question.

"I would love to." Jacob's eyes light up and his lips form a smile.

"Ok, let's go then..."


"Did you see how that cashier was looking at you Jay?" I question, looking up at him.

"Yeah, it was really creepy." He says looking away, then back at me.

"She thought you were cute. She was pretty, no homo. You should have gotten her number." I playfully nudge him.

"Naw, I'm cool..." His cheeks slightly turned red.

"You want me to get it for you?" I ask.


"Why not?"

"Because I don't want it." He retaliated.

"Oh okay..."

We walked down the street in silence until we were in front of my house.

"Well, I'll see you later?" I hug Jacob.

"Yeah, I might come over to beat Graham in Madden '12 again with the guys."

"Okay, see you then..." I wave goodbye to Jacob and walk inside the house.

I place the bag on the table and walk upstairs. I push the door open to my room and step inside. I jump quickly when I see Graham sitting up on the bed.

"Hey babe..." I stutter nervously.

"Where have you been?"
Wheree havee youu been... All myy lifeee! **Rihanna's Voice** No just kidding. How was it. :)


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