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Published on Feb 12, 2010

For those of you who don't know how to tip when dinning out, 20% is rule of thumb for good service!! Cheap Bastards!!!

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Hannes Haag
I dont really understand your tipping system in the USA. Why should you always tip 20%? If I just order a bottle of *** for 100$, then you want 20$ in tip. But If I order a very nice bottle of *** for 200$, then you want 40$ in tip? What extra work have you done in this case to earn that extra 20$ from the first bottle? Nothing.
single dad kickin fat pig's to the kerb
how the fuck do you do most of the work? you dumb fuck. all you did was carry a fucking plate. with an attitude like that id tell you to fuck off. do fat people pay more cause your bringing out more plates of food for their fat arses.
Cajun sS
I usually tip by how long I'm in the restaurant and what the waitress does but it usually ends up being between $3 and $5 cause minimum wage is 7.25 and waitress gets paid $2 an hour so it would even out
Adam Mason
If you go out to a restaurant, do you tip 20 percent? No, because its the black people that dont understand percentages.... Ok job = 1.00 Good job = $2.00 AMAZING JOB= $5.00 Bill= $100 Blacks don't tip, and that's why i neglect their tables....start tipping like white people and you won't have a problem (except for the excessive requests)
anonymous one
Why should the chef and other kitchen staff get the other 7% shared between them?!!?! all they did is cook the meal and you only get 3% for carrying it a few metres. how insane!
A Burns
i make 2.25 an hour waitressing. and i tip out 20 percent. so people please stop acting like your doing me a service by letting me wait on you. and if i was gonna learn something from customers like you then dont you think i would have learned it already. those kinda people are the reasons workers go on strikes.
Lauren Hall
For all you jack asses saying you never tip and servers have no education just remember WAiTRESSES handle your food!!! And don't think they won't remember who you are the next time you come in! I guarantee the next time you come in there is something nasty in your food! Just remember karma is a bitch! Yes you should tip hourly servers are paid 2.13 an hour and make a living off tips! That's like you going to your "more important douche bag job" and working for free!!!!
thanks for comment Paulwall11052. i think that everyone should take a service job of some type in high school, that way, people can appreciate customer service workers.
Thanks, great video!!!:) Did delivery for 15 years and I ran across so many cheap customers in my life who were even cheaper than 10% percent tippers. People don't know the meaning of tipping... ;)
hey wintercat2 you are a douche. Working as a server has nothing to do with not being educated. I know many people with four and six years of college under their belt who are servers. You are ignorant. If you ever come in to my restaurant, identify yourself as the dickhead who doesn't tip, and I'll take care of you. Oh but you won't say, hey stupid bitch server, your dum and I'm not going to tip you. You are a pussy.
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