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Uploaded on Mar 22, 2011

This is a youtube fan video originally made and hosted by Galacticwacko. It features a truncated version (missing last verse and speech) of an early mix of "Devils in your Government" that appeared on DJ Skefer's "The Ron Paul Revolution" Mixtape. The Dope Poet Society and Justus League appreciate some of Ron Paul's positions on US foreign policy but do not endorse Ron Paul. In the 2008 presidential elections they supported Cynthia Mckinney and Rosa Clemente on the Green Party Ticket. The final mix of this song appears on Canadian HipHop compilation "Heads Connect: Vol. 1" (Rhythmicru/ICM Records) and -- The Dope Poet Society's "THIRD WORLD WARriors Vol.1" (Justus League Records). See lyrics and credits below.

Song: Devils in Your Government - 4:24.
Artist: - The Dope Poet Society

These are the devils in your government
In your government, in your government
These are the devils in your government
They're the devils that you see when you turn on the TV
They're the devils that you see each day

In Amerikkka the topic's beaten to death
but I won't stop beatin' it till they stop beating people to death
the evil is manifest past George Devil-U Bush
corporate revenue push got in hooks like the nike
swoosh they don't get more shady than Cheney
but insane as it may be their competition is insufficient
we can't believe in Gore or Kerry carried complicity
no diggin' in election riggin' they give in officially
you really think the shit'll be different with Hillary?
let's ask the kids from the villages pillaged while Bill had ability
the villainy permeates all these dirty snakes
so called Christian's ain't never gonna see the Pearly gates
Iran, Iraq or Vietnam they attack and read a psalm
take this quote it's from David Rovics ask "who would Jesus bomb?"
a brother ain't a brother 'cuz a colour nor a sister neither
that's why I like rice but I hate Condoleezza 'cuz


In Canada we had a lot of reason for pride when it looked
like Chretien was takin' a stand against Bush
And he would not support the horror over in Iraq
But that's lookin over the way the Canadian navy was able to
Back Americas attack so (in fact)
our government conspired behind our backs
now in Afghanistan they span the evil even larger
with the devil prime sinister Stephen Harper
and even if he gets defeated it is just ridiculous
the liberal alternative is Bob Rae or Ignatieff?
likened to Trudeau it's not true doe, they're just
two hoes less concerned with justice then
just who votes if they cared like Pierre
they'd say "all war resistors welcome here"
but instead of crediting those with an aim like Mohammed Ali
they'd rather harass anybody with a name like Mohammed Ali (that's why)


we don't live in a democracy that's obviously falsity
our polity is properly known as a plutocracy
ruled by a few by the virtue of money
word to your mommy, work through and learn through the study
a lot of what you're taught has taught you not to give a lot of thought to
what you got to if you want to know the real story
all designed to keep us all behind while we fall behind
follow blind but I refuse to fall in line
'cuz I cross the line where they draw the line
And on the brink some draw a blank, I draw the nine
The lethal weapon is the mind so they disarm ya
But real Hip Hop has the power to warn ya
Some people ask about the troubling facts
The government has files on my underground raps
I come with the stance that I'm irrelevant
I only got 30,000 fans I'm not a threat (yet)
But once I get a couple million children singin'
Bush is a terrorist it'll get serious cuz...


Credits: - The Dope Poet Society.
Devils in Your Government -The Dope Poet Society Featuring Lionheart
Written and performed by D. Sajnani AKA, Chorus sung by
Steven "Lionheart" Cogdell and Tiala Starks. Speech by Patrick Elie
at Marxism 2006. Produced by David "Jad-X" Gyimah. Taken from The
Dope Poet Society's forthcoming opus, THIRD WORLD WARrior Vol. 1,
available from

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