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Published on Jul 25, 2010

Just another night at the Ontario,CA. truck stop, This video is not to be used for commercial or private use unless given permission or have purchased

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John Rideout
Looks like a livestock truck was left open.....
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John Rideout
LOL Thank you
Pandora 0791
John Rideout lmao. Really is best comment on the internet
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Somebody should open up a Jenny Craig satellite office in that parking lot.
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John Rideout
Now THAT is funny!! Good one for sure
+kingmike40 They already have the scales! Lol!
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Mark Rodgers
I think it should be legal and the truck stops provide it as a service.  Regulated just like the brothels in Nevada.  That way the girls would be safe and clean.  I was at this truck stop many times.  I've seen the girls working.  Most I've seen there are hotter than the ones in this video.  If it was legal and provided as a service, you wouldn't have them walking around the lot, and you wouldn't have them waking drivers up either.   They could call the office and order one to come right to your truck.  As lonely as it is out there, I would've loved to have the service available.  And I'm sure many other drivers would agree.  You have to realize, those girls wouldn't be out there if there was no demand.  I know there's a lot of guys who don't want it, but as I said, if it were legal and provided, they wouldn't see it.
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Doug Carter
Mark Rodgers You can start the BLOW And GO TRUCK STOP.
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Chibuz Fulani
Of course some of them are undercover police officers, and some only offer blow Jobs because...they have a penis.
Ohhh the one in the pink jacket had no panties on
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Lil Maritimer
+Peter North She's in disguise. Everyone knows hos don't wear panties. xD
Livin' The Dream
Why put panties on when they're only gonna be on her for five minutes at the most.
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Cintara Sukapatna
I dont see wtf all the criticism's here for. If there wasn't a real market or need for them, they wouldn't BE there. lol. :-) So, drivers MUST be doin em! LOL. I mean, there are some middle aged and even older dudes who aint got shit goin on. And all that cash. And as long as he uses real good condoms, hey. - Way better than jackkin it to a 6" screen. All nasty and icky afterwards. lol. Put on that Jimmy, let her talk nice to you like you used to get, and be done with it. Why all the meanness? Blame the drivers, not the Lizzes. ;-)
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Mrspinky bear
@Cintara Sukapatna im a truckers daughter and i blame thelot lizards.i dont see anyone being mean i see ppl being honest and making funny comments.so are u sticking up for the lizzies and why?just curious r u one?not trying to be hateful just honest and curious
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Tulsatom Bob
At least there's a variety to choose from....Bubble Butts, Fat Ass, Chubby, Homely, Butt Ugly, Nice Personality, Toothless... Damn, why am I watching this????
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Pandora 0791
Tulsatom Bob no kidding...all I see out are the robbers
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Stephen C
UGH! Fugly nasty disease ridden ho's, I think I just threw up in my mouth. (oO)
K Mckivey
Just imagine the smell bruin down there.
Lawn Chair Aviator
Most of the girls don't look so good to me, but then I remember all the truckers I see every day and it suddenly makes sense. I've been fortunate to never have a lot lizard approach my truck. Could it be the No Lot Lizard sticker I have on that back of my visor? Seems like a sad world to me, but to each his own.
Linda Shorter
Lawn Chair Aviator we live in a sad country.too of evil going on.god must not like that.
nothing more disgusting than a whore who fucks disgusting truck drivers. truly revolting.
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+smokum0 HAHA hopefully we can get him going again!
+trai1ertrash Where's your paystub??
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