40 Hadith on Imam Mahdi (as)- hadith 5 part 2/3 by Sheikh Atabek Shukurov Nasafi





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Published on Jan 21, 2012

This work is based on 40 hadith by Abu Nu'aym al-Asbahani. This course is presented by Quba Initiative. Hadith 5: 'Ali - Ibn- 'Ali -- Al Hillali narrates from his father who said: "I
entered upon the Messenger of Allah (peace and prayers be upon
him and his family) as he was in the malady in which he passed
away. Fātimah was at his overhead and she was crying so profusely
until her whimpers rose. The Messenger of Allah (peace and prayers
be upon him and his family) raised his head to her and said, "My
darling, what is making you cry?" She said, "I fear the loss after
you." He said, "My darling, don't you know that Allah, the Exalted,
looked down on earth and selected your father. He sent him with
His message. Then he looked Thereafter and selected your husband
and sent me revelation to marry you to him. 'O Fātimah, we are
such an Ahl al-Bait that Allah (the Exalted) has given us privilege
of seven things which others do not possess. Neither those before
us nor those who will come after us will have the privilege of those seven things.
I am the Seal of the Messengers and the most dignified of the
apostles before Allah, the Exalted, and the most cherished of the
creation to Allah, the Exalted, and I am your father. My successor
is the best of the successors, and the most cherished of them to
Allah, the Exalted, and he is your husband. Our martyr is the best
of the martyrs and the most cherished of them to Allah, the
Exalted, and he is Hamzah Ibn 'Abd al-Mutallib, your father's and
your husband's uncle. Moreover, the one who possesses two green
wings is from us, he shall fly with them in Paradise along with the
angels to whichever place he wishes, he is your father's cousin and
the brother of your husband. Ours are the two princes of this
Ummah, and they are your sons,
Al Hassan and Al Hussein, and they are the lieges of the youths of
Paradise-dwellers, and their father, by the One Who sent me with
the Truth, is better than them.
'O Fātimah I swear by the One Who rightly appointed me that Al
Mahdi is from your sons' offspring. The world will become full with
Haraj (Killing) and Maraj (corruption) 5 and will be intensified, all
path (of solution) will be served and people will fiercely fall upon
one another such that neither an elder will pity any youngster, nor
any youngster will respect an elder. When this happens, Allah will
appoint one of them who shall conquer the deviated castles and
open out the sheathed hearts. Indeed he shall revolt at the end of
time just as I revolted at my time. He shall fill the earth with
Justice just as it had been filled with oppression. 'O Fatima, grieve
not and cry not, for Allah, the Exalted, is more compassionate and
more benevolent to you than I am to you; and that is due to your
position from me and your station in my heart. Allah married you
to your husband, who is the greatest of all people in stature, the
most dignified of them in position, the most compassionate of them
to the public, the fairest of them in equity, and the most sapient of
them in judgment. I beseeched my Lord, the Exalted, that you be
the first one to join me from my Ahl al-Bait".
'Ali says "Fātimah did not live after that but for seventy five days 6
until Allah united her with her father (Peace be upon them)".7
Al-Mu'jam al-Kabîr 3\57 -58 H 2675.

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