Symphony of Science - 'We Are All Connected' (ft. Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye)





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Published on Oct 19, 2009

MP3 available at http://www.symphonyofscience.com.

"We Are All Connected" was made from sampling Carl Sagan's Cosmos, The History Channel's Universe series, Richard Feynman's 1983 interviews, Neil deGrasse Tyson's cosmic sermon, and Bill Nye's Eyes of Nye Series, plus added visuals from The Elegant Universe (NOVA), Stephen Hawking's Universe, Cosmos, the Powers of 10, and more. It is a tribute to great minds of science, intended to spread scientific knowledge and philosophy through the medium of music.

Check out "A Glorious Dawn" by Carl Sagan, another Symphony of Science project!

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[deGrasse Tyson]
We are all connected;
To each other, biologically
To the earth, chemically
To the rest of the universe atomically

I think nature's imagination
Is so much greater than man's
She's never going to let us relax

We live in an in-between universe
Where things change all right
But according to patterns, rules,
Or as we call them, laws of nature

I'm this guy standing on a planet
Really I'm just a speck
Compared with a star, the planet is just another speck
To think about all of this
To think about the vast emptiness of space
There's billions and billions of stars
Billions and billions of specks

The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it
But the way those atoms are put together
The cosmos is also within us
We're made of star stuff
We are a way for the cosmos to know itself

Across the sea of space
The stars are other suns
We have traveled this way before
And there is much to be learned

I find it elevating and exhilarating
To discover that we live in a universe
Which permits the evolution of molecular machines
As intricate and subtle as we

[deGrasse Tyson]
I know that the molecules in my body are traceable
To phenomena in the cosmos
That makes me want to grab people in the street
And say, have you heard this??

(Richard Feynman on hand drums and chanting)

There's this tremendous mess
Of waves all over in space
Which is the light bouncing around the room
And going from one thing to the other

And it's all really there
But you gotta stop and think about it
About the complexity to really get the pleasure
And it's all really there
The inconceivable nature of nature

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Comments • 13,933

Soundole VGM Covers
When I listen to this again in 2015, it takes me right back to where I first heard it in 2010. To before I began a quest to learn as much as I could about the universe and these masters of science communication. Melodysheep is one of the extremely rare handful of musicians that I can say without exaggeration changed my life.
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I listen to this everyday, it's so comforting
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Daniel Thompson
"We are a way for the cosmos to know itself." Brings actual tears of joy to my eyes
View all 12 replies
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My teacher showed the class this in Chemistry...
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Stephanie Rachelle
This song makes me want to grab people in the streets and say "have you heard this?!"
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Eddie Schultz
"I find it elevating and exhilerating to discover that we live in a universe which permits the evolution of molecular machines as intricate and subtle as we" I watched this video a couple days after it was first posted, and it still brings a tear to my eye, as it did that first view. EXCELLENT!!!
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George Kellas
Still gives me chills whenever I listen
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I watch this every time I need to give a lecture to Bachelor students. Inspiring to see the great educators so fascinated by the unknown and the known of our being. I hope to take some of this to my classes.
RT si tu es la grâce à @Mathieu_Sommet #NousSommesLUniversGrâceÀMathieu
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Carl Sagan's words have changed the way I look at the universe and my own life. He has a way of weaving science into an inspiring tapestry of rhetoric that no other human being can compete with. When I imagine that all the atoms that I am made of were once part of a star, it makes all my life's problems seem trivial and gives me a deep feeling of comfort. Sagan has allowed the tiny part of the cosmos that is me to better know itself. Hang on...I think I have something in my eye... =') "I'm a collection of organic molecules called Carl Sagan. You're a collection of almost identical molecules with a different collective label. But is that all? Is there nothing inhere but molecules? Some people find that idea somehow demeaning to human dignity, but for myself I find it elevating and exhilarating to discover that we live in a universe which permits the evolution of molecular machines as intricate and subtle as we."
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