Super Secrets; 'Sad Love Story' Episode.One





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Published on Aug 24, 2011

Super Secrets; 'Sad Love Story' Episode.One
Couples; 'Justlena, Jemi, Niley, TaySquared'


I walked down the concrete steps in my new home with my heels clicking as I did, I got near the bottom of the stairs to see my mother and father standing there cheery, and my dad had a camera in his hand. I stopped a few steps before the end and let out a big sigh, I pushed my handbag further onto my shoulder and put my head down I started walking down the next few steps and I then walked past my parents bumping them with my shoulder.

"Oh come on Selly, just one photo?" My mom said while turning around to face me.

"No! It's not like the first day of school..." I said. "More like the 20th..." I mumbled after it.

"Sel, you know we're sorry for moving all the time but our jobs--" My father started to say.

"Yeah! I get it, your jobs are more important than me and my future. It's okay, I get it!" I said, I then swung open the door before they could say anything and slammed it behind me.

I felt a single tear slip down my cheek, I dabbed it off quickly with my sleeve not wanting it to ruin my make-up, I then tried to toughen up, I sniffled and stood up straight putting a fake smile on my face and I then started walking to school.
This was like my 7th move this year! My parents always have to move because of their stupid jobs! They don't even care about me, it's always work, work and more work. I am actually quite a bright girl, but I don't have good school records because I never get too finish my assessments or get to hand them in because I'm moving... Again!
So today was another new school and I was dreading it! I shouldn't be, I should be used to making new friends by now, I would always think that through my head but when it actually got to the day, I would be much more nervous, I got to my school and I stood outside taking everything in, I then walked inside the building, people bumping into me or the football boys chucking a ball over my head as I walked down the corridor, I clenched onto my bag and just kept on walking until I finally got to the reception.

As me and the girls strutted down the hallway as if we were the best people there could be, everyone was moving out of our way.
Me, Miley and Tess(Taylor.S) were the popular girls of the school, everyone thought we were the best and we acted like it, but me, Miley and Tess don't show ANYONE who we really are and there never going to find out. Although we act as if we own the hallways, when we walk down them we feel like a nobody, everyone backing away from us, it doesn't make us feel as if we have power, it makes us feel as if we are monsters.
Me and the girls never used to be friends, we used to be individuals until one day we found something out about each other that nobody else knew. Our secrets were hidden from everyone and after we all found out we all became best friends, we started to change and then we became the 'poplars'. We only became the poplars because of the way we dressed, the way we acted, we all agreed to change.
Me, Miley and Tess have a sleep over every Friday night, it's like a ceremony we have together, we all go to a secret hide-out, we stay up all night and talk about all our problems that week, it's our way of catching up and loosening up about everything we were hiding.

[Bell Rings]

Me and the Girls walked off to our first class and sat at the back like normal, nobody else would come by us because we were the 'poplars'. Me and the Girls knew everything about each other, including each other's timetables for school, we were all talking and then the teacher walked into the room.

"Okay class, simmer down." The teacher said.

I rolled my eyes and rested my chin on my hand just watching what he had to say out of boredom.

"Thank you, now today we have a new student... Selena Gomez." The teacher said, while holding his hand out like he was directing us to look at the girl.

"Hey..." She said quietly.

"Go find a spare seat Ms.Gomez..." The teacher said.

Selena walked past most of the spare seats and sat down at the same row as us, but two seats away. Me and the Girls looked at each other then back at the Black-Haired Girl, she was reaching down into her bag and putting stuff onto her desk, me and the girls looked back towards each other.

"There's something different about this girl..." I said. "I can tell..." I added on the end.

Miley and Tess nodded and then we went back to listening to the teacher, well I wasn't really listening I was trying to think why I was getting this weird vibe from the girl and by the looks of Miley and Tess's face, so were they.


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