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Jon Mac | Store Formula 3 & The Truth!





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Published on Aug 14, 2018

Jon Mac | Store Formula 3 & The Truth!

What's going on internet? It's been a while since I made a video, however i've had a bit of an epiphany as of late and realised that this is the perfect platform for me to, well, help people and in a way try and make the world a better place.

Now, like I mentioned, this channel is about spreading truth, inspiring people, sharing stories and hopefully touch some hearts.

And so with that out of the way, let's address the elephant in the room. Mr Jon Mac...

Let's get into it.

Many of you out there probably have no idea who this Jon Mac character is. I don't blame you... But in saying that, I am sick and tired of people who claim to be "gurus", who sell their online courses with a bunch of empty promises and then when you try to get support, you're told to buy their more expensive options, etc etc. Absolute and utter nonsense.

Jon Mac, you asked me for a video testimonial... you got it my dude.

See, before I even get into the nitty gritty stuff that grinds my nuts, in the video I break down what you get with Store Formula 3

Let's start with the 4 week training.

The training isn't bad. I have to admit it's not the worst I've seen. It's super basic, which isn't a bad thing, however there is much to be left to the imagination. A lot actually. I almost get the sense that it was shot over a weekend just to put together yet another money grab program. I have spent $20,000 on Facebook Ads using this system and to date, still havent made profit.

Store setup is purely based around his CommerceHQ system and so if you're on Shopify, forget about it.

Product selection is absolutely horrible. Jon shares but 1 method on doing product research and that is through AdSector. Nothing else. Nada. "That's not all that bad" I hear you say... Consider this, you just spent $1000 on a course that would teach you how to select winning products, only to be told once you bought it that you need to invest in another system costing you $300 per month. Oh and then of course he shares a discount code with you which means he makes more affiliate commissions off you OVER AND ABOVE the $1000 you just spent.

So in short, if you don't have or use Adsector, you're out of luck. He ONLY punts Adsector which gets used by 1000s of other people too. Good luck with that.

Nice huh?

Let's move onto the FB part of the system shall well. Again, very basic and seems to bring in some results, however again... no real detail and you're left scratching your head time and again as there are quite a few missing puzzle pieces to this whole thing. You get some ROAS goal sheets and and ROI tracking sheet (or supposed to I should say as it's not even in the members area to download).

I sound like a broken telephone, but the thing with this course is that it's so basic that you end up with more questions than when you started. Then when you ask for help, well that's a whole other ball game. I'll get to that as well.

Outsourcing gets covered, but again... very high level. As if to assume that everyone knows what Jon knows. Silly if you ask me.

It comes with a scaling video, which again, is VERY high level and leaves you more confused than before you started watching it. he shares 4 scaling methods in 1 17min long video. Think about that for a second... Do you start seeing a trend here?

From here, we move onto the China 7 Day Scaling method. How it works is Jon set up a deal with some logistics forwarding company in the states, you send your dropshipping products to the warehouse where they repackage it before sending it onto your clients. Yet another way for Jon to make money off you. Sounds amazing in principle, however it's not even live yet and god knows when that will happen. Again, you pay for something that isn't even available.

Boy oh boy, then we get to the "done for you part" of the system. What an absolute joke. Valued at a whopping $3000, you get a spreadsheet with 25 "proven products". Jesus, wow. Thank you for that Jon. You must think that people are absolute idiots valuing this at $3000.

To put things into perspective...

People listen, there are 1300 members on Jon Mac's Store Formula 3 FB group alone. Not even mentioning the CommerceHQ, Blue Label consulting and other groups he has. This means that 1300 people have either bought Store Formula 1, 2 or 3 and my best estimate would be that a minimum of 10% on there have bought Store Formula 3. This means that at least 130 other people got the exact same 25 products that you got. A-MAZING value isn't it? (shake head)

To summarize what you can expect from Jon Mac...I break down all his revenue streams in the video. His upsells if you will.

As always, I am Ru and before you by into yet another online guru showing you how to become the next Bill Gates, do your homework. Look around. Ask questions and don't fall for nonsense.


Jon Mac | Store Formula 3 & The Truth!

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