Llegó la hora de pensar en la IGUALDAD para las mujeres





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Uploaded on Sep 21, 2011

Las mujeres y las niñas viven la desigualdad toda su vida. Para muchas mujeres es más difícil sobrevivir su primer año de vida, tener agua limpia, ser dueñas de su terreno y controlar su propio dinero. Las mujeres padecen un mayor índice de analfabetismo, son víctimas de más violencia en casa, hacen trabajo que nadie les paga, comen menos en épocas de crisis. Es tiempo de luchar por la IGUALDAD de las mujeres. ¿Qué significa la igualdad para ti? Más información en http://thinkequal.bancomundial.org


  1. 1

    Gender & IDA: Fostering gender equality and empowerment

  2. 2

    Clean Energy Strengthens Senegal's women

  3. 3

    Senegal's People Use Clean Energy to Light Homes, Start Businesses

  4. 4

    Energy to Change Women's Lives in Africa

  5. 5

    In Haiti, the Road to Recovery May Depend on Women

  6. 6

    Nicaragua: ¿#Quéharías para mejorar la vida de las mujeres?

  7. 7

    Nicaragua: What will it take to improve the lives of women?

  8. 8

    Solomon Islands: What will it take to have gender equality?

  9. 9

    Brazil: What will it take to help mothers support their children?

  10. 10

    التفكير في المساواة بين الجنسين في جامايكا

  11. 11

    Close the Gap: Why Equality for Girls and Women Matters

  12. 12

    Une Journée sur Terre: en Tanzanie, une femme, une entreprise, une famille

  13. 13

    Jamaïque: les hommes peuvent tout faire, nous le pouvons aussi.

  14. 14

    Une Journée sur Terre: Au Laos, une petite entreprise signifie plus de sécurité pour une femme

  15. 15

    Une Journée sur Terre: Au Laos, une petite entreprise signifie plus de sécurité pour une femme

  16. 16

    Une Journée sur Terre: Les femmes travaillent à sauver des vies en Irak

  17. 17

    Un día en la Tierra: Las mujeres salvan sus vidas en Irak

  18. 18

    One Day on Earth: En Jamaica, las mujeres se emplean en todo lo que los hombres hacen

  19. 19

    Un día en la Tierra: Una mujer es el pilar de su familia y de su negocio en Tanzania

  20. 20

    Un día en la Tierra: Un pequeño negocio da más seguridad económica a una mujer en Laos

  21. 21

    مشروع صغير يعني المزيد من الأمن لامرأة في لاوس

  22. 22

    يوم على الأرض: النساء يعملن لإنقاذ الأرواح في العراق

  23. 23

    يوم على الأرض: الجمع بين العمل ورعاية الأسرة في تنزانيا

  24. 24

    يوم على الأرض: عمل المرأة

  25. 25

    働く女性たち:今日も一日 世界のどこかで

  26. 26

    Las mujeres en 11.11.11

  27. 27

    One Day on Earth: Women at Work

  28. 28

    Les femmes dans le monde, le 11-11-11

  29. 29

    One Day on Earth: Teaching computer skills not just a job for women in Uzbekistan

  30. 30

    One Day on Earth: Sexual harassment can't stop women in Thailand

  31. 31

    One Day on Earth: A woman holds together a business and the family in Tanzania

  32. 32

    One Day on Earth: Success for women begins with education in Madagascar

  33. 33

    One Day on Earth: A small business means more security for a woman in Laos

  34. 34

    One Day on Earth: Jamaican woman- Anything Men Can Do, We Can Too

  35. 35

    One Day on Earth: Women work to save lives in Iraq

  36. 36

    One Day on Earth: Women get involved outside the home in Indonesia

  37. 37

    One Day on Earth: Work is about more than money to a woman in Egypt

  38. 38

    One Day on Earth: A few cows can keep a woman from begging in Bolivia

  39. 39

    Trailer: One Day on Earth - A Female Perspective

  40. 40

    Single Mother Struggles After Divorce. Brazil—thinkEQUAL

  41. 41

    Escaping Deadly Cyclones. Bangladesh—thinkEQUAL

  42. 42

    SOS in Paradise. Solomon Islands—thinkEQUAL

  43. 43

    Shell money - why it pays. Solomon Islands—thinkEQUAL

  44. 44

    Think Big: Girlpower in Papua New Guinea.—thinkEQUAL

  45. 45

    Women must do well in school to support themselves. Papua New Guinea—thinkEQUAL

  46. 46

    Women should be equal in church. Solomon Islands—thinkEQUAL

  47. 47

    If men can do it, women can do it as well. Papua New Guinea—thinkEQUAL

  48. 48

    Men are looking down on women. Solomon Islands—thinkEQUAL

  49. 49

    Women do all the work. Solomon Islands—thinkEQUAL

  50. 50

    Llegó la hora de pensar en la IGUALDAD para las mujeres

  51. 51

    Il est temps de penser ÉGALITÉ pour les femmes et les filles

  52. 52


  53. Llegó la hora de pensar en la IGUALDAD para las mujeres

  54. 54

    Think EQUAL for Women and Girls

  55. 55

    Il est temps de penser ÉGALITÉ pour les femmes et les filles

  56. 56

    Be a Barista in Kathmandu. Nepal—thinkEQUAL

  57. 57

    Rabbit farming is for women too. Kenya—thinkEQUAL

  58. 58

    Men and women work together in beekeeping - Kenya

  59. 59

    Land ownership for women prevents fears of uncertainty. Ethiopia—thinkEQUAL

  60. 60

    Women are vital to success of aloe market. Kenya—thinkEQUAL

  61. 61

    Women Changing Gears to Cassava in Kenya

  62. 62

    Women farmers increasing productivity of farms. Ethiopia—thinkEQUAL

  63. 63

    Ethiopia: Humbo Forest Reclamation Project

  64. 64

    Women Shoulder Water Burden in Nepal

  65. 65

    Think EQUAL for Women and Girls

  66. 66

    Teaching children that boys and girls are equal. Brazil—thinkEQUAL

  67. 67

    Life is better with an education. Brazil—thinkEQUAL

  68. 68

    At work, women are not totally equal. Brazil—thinkEQUAL

  69. 69

    Mulheres talentosas quebram estereótipos e tocam trompete!

  70. 70

    Talented women artists breaking gender stereotypes. Brazil—thinkEQUAL

  71. 71

    Craftswomen in Indonesia Gain Finanical Independence through Batikmaking

  72. 72

    Widows Receive Microloans in Indonesia

  73. 73

    Indonesia: Rekompak Merapi

  74. 74

    Abuse No More. Brazil—thinkEQUAL

  75. 75

    Music lifting women out of poverty - Brazil.

  76. 76

    Women Are Not Just Half of Society. Egypt—thinkEQUAL

  77. 77

    Gender difference across generations. Jordan—thinkEQUAL

  78. 78

    Our religion calls for equality. Jordan—thinkEQUAL

  79. 79

    Women need access to finance. Egypt—thinkEQUAL

  80. 80

    Women need to take their rights. Egypt—thinkEQUAL

  81. 81

    Female Power. Brazil—thinkEQUAL

  82. 82

    Mom's Relief. Brazil—thinkEQUAL

  83. 83

    Not all families allow daughters to work. Jordan—thinkEQUAL

  84. 84

    Working has changed the way I think. Egypt—thinkEQUAL

  85. 85

    Starting a business gives women economic independence. Egypt—thinkEQUAL

  86. 86

    Equality After Divorce. Ethiopia—thinkEQUAL

  87. 87

    Women have to look after children. Ethiopia—thinkEQUAL

  88. 88

    Mother and daughter discuss gender equality. Indonesia—thinkEQUAL

  89. 89

    Proud to have my own income. Indonesia—thinkEQUAL

  90. 90

    Men and women need to help each other. Kenya—thinkEQUAL

  91. 91

    Men and women working together. Kenya—thinkEQUAL

  92. 92

    Women at the Wheel. Kenya—thinkEQUAL

  93. 93

    I'm as strong as a man. Indonesia—thinkEQUAL

  94. 94

    Women as community leaders. Indonesia—thinkEQUAL

  95. 95

    Men need to help women in the home. Nepal—thinkEQUAL

  96. 96

    If I had a chance to study. Nepal—thinkEQUAL

  97. 97

    Women have fewer rights. Nepal—thinkEQUAL

  98. 98

    Busting Barriers. Jordan—thinkEQUAL

  99. 99

    Women Business Boom. Egypt—thinkEQUAL

  100. 100

    Home Sweet Home. Egypt—thinkEQUAL

  101. 101

    Women Power. Egypt—thinkEQUAL

  102. 102

    Liberia - Training Helps Young Women Find Employment

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