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Published on Jul 21, 2012

Okey-day! SO this is my terribly last minute SPG contest entry...if it sucks...I'm sorry :/. If it doesn't...well that's just dandy :)

*Gli-i-t-tch's Beginning*

~~~~ "Glitch" was built in 1902 by Professor Ferguson Oleander as T-19; an entry in an International Inventors Convention. She was originally programmed as a translator bot, able to speak hundreds of different languages. Well, 19 of them anyways; hence the name T-19. The complexity of her construction gave her first place. The government commissioned her to aid in foreign affairs. The Professor consented provided her abilities were not used to serve in war. Shortly after his disappearance, however, T-19 became the sole property of the government.

She served as a code-breaker in WWI and part of WWII. During WWII, however, a large bomb was dropped near T-19's station and the shock wave was so intense it fried her mother board and left her comatose.

T-19 was scheduled to be decommissioned and disassembled seeing as how she was of no further use. The Professor's daughter, Lycan, however, saved T-19 from destruction and revived her. But when T-19 regained power, she could no longer speak without stuttering and her language chip would constantly malfunction so that she would never know which language she would speak each time she opened her mouth. Lycan affectionately referred to her as Glitch.

One day, whilst wandering about the Oleander Abode, Glitch found an old metronome. With the curiosity of a child, she took the new found treasure to Lycan, desperately wanting to know what it was and what it was for, "Miss Ly-Lycan! Look-k-k what I fou-found!" Glitch produced the metronome and Lycan switched it on. "It's for music, Glitch," she explained to the dear automaton. "Music? I love music! It's my favorite thing!" Glitch shouted with joy.

Lycan paused, realizing that Glitch was not glitching! What a marvel! The rhythmic tick-tock of the metronome seemed to sooth Glitch's circuits, enabling her to speak as free and clear as she did when she was first created! And so it was from then on, Glitch used the rhythms of music to express her thoughts and aid Lycan in her search for the Professor. ~~~

Fare thee well, my dears :)


PS! Terribly sorry if I sound out of breath...it was so very hot in my garage O_O

Comments • 70

Prester Fred
Your robot movements are spot on.  I like the expressions too, and how you flash between them and then hold them still until it's time for the next one.  I especially love how you're all happy smiley wheeee while singing a song full of darkness and despair.  That should be Glitch's specialty.  Stuff like Twenty-One Guns or You Have Killed Me, done in this same style. Okay, you know what?  Scr** it, I'm subscribing.
Aileen vdH
You are too cute <3
Great choice of song! *__* So cute!! 
Ptffffff no YOU are! Thanks for watching :3
Oh my gosh you are so cuuute. I love this! 
Deathcab for cutie plus spg, pretty awesome
You are an AMAZING singer! And I love your bot! Omg eek! Seriously! Your amazing!
Midnight Monsters
aaaaw, you're so cute! And a really good singer! And guitarist! I think Glitch and Rabit would get along really well
Thank you, your Highness!
Mon dieu! For the first time I find someone who's attempts at acting like a robot for Steam Powered Giraffe are done well. Congratulations imatardis... Congratulations indeed.
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