A MUST SEE-The Secret History of Dinosaurs





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Published on Apr 7, 2011

A True Story
All Credits to Restoring Genesis Ministries.
This is God's Channel...To His Glory

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This is sad, that people still believe such crap.
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The earth isn't created in 6 day, evolution and religion complement each other. god created the earth through evolution and today our planet is growing and is getting bigger. Evolution goes beyond the bible, not every thing in bible is correct. good vs evil.
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The bible is consructed by combining sumerian egyptian and indian text
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good job though it saddens me that there are so many dislikes but its not surprising. people refuse to see the truth and would rather defend the great lie of evolution.
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Sheldon K
Jeez.. And I came into this documentary completely sceptical. But damn... This seems pretty convincing. I used to study dinosaurs in research projects. So I know alot of the history. Or at least, the history that we were taught in school. I guess most of it was just plain false. I even checked alot of the sources this guy used in this film. They check out. Great video. 
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Cd Comeaux
This video is One of the greatest compilings of information and truth Ever. 
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Stephen Odell
I think that there some that don't listen. This video has a very factual approach so check out his facts. and keep the insults to your self.
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Yes, the Bible has many simple answers for everyday questions. For example, modern medicine. The best way to treat a strange skin rash is to make the patient look like a hobo, exile them to outskirts of town, then bring two birds to them. Twist the head off of one of the birds and drain it's blood into a bowl. Add cedar chips and Hessop. Then, dip the other bird into the blood of the first bird, and sprinkle that blood onto the patient seven times. Not six, not eight, but seven times. Then let the bird you sprinkled the afflicted with go free. Repeat as needed until either the patient recovers, or dies. That's Leviticus 14 And you know it must be true, because that's not just what some supertitious desert dwelling idiots believed... but what the ALMIGHTY ALL-KNOWING CREATOR OF EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE EVER - GOD OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE told directly to Moses. Fuck aseptic techniques, fuck anti-bacterial agents like Dapsone... those witchdoctors who run Big Pharma are just lying and out to steal your money. No, the highly accurate and scientific Bible says that being sprinkled by birds dipped in blood and cedar does the trick.
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Allen Sharako
I really liked the video... Don't know why their are so many crybabies complaining..
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Alexandra Gomille
Smh.. oh ppl... is all I have to say about the string of comments here... rolls eyes so proud to be willfully blind it's just amazing to me. No one is telling you believe every piece of information that comes your way or to believe every statement made in this video, but do your own research before you discredit every piece of information offered.  I also find it very curious how quick people are to string up and bash a theory that's contrary to what they were taught.. but I wonder if when you were being conditioned did you ever question your teachers with the same vigor? Lol ... my father (who was a history teacher for his entire career life) told me from long time much of what I was being taught in school was either inaccurate, or the truth was distorted and when I did my own research where I felt like my questions were not adequately answered, in most cases I found that the version I was being fed was bullshit.... but I suppose ignorance is bliss right? ... Kmt the general population of people you don't even realize that they have you exactly where they want you to be in the dark and more than happy to be there well that's great for you bravo applause you're "normal" lol whatever the fuck that is....
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