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Published on Nov 28, 2009

This is the opening scene of Resident Evil 2 (in Japan: Biohazard 2), with Leon S. Kennedy, and Claire Redfield. Below are some information regarding the game.


Resident Evil 2, known in Japan as Biohazard 2 (バイオハザード2), is a survival horror game by Capcom originally released for the PlayStation in 1998. It is the second installment in the Resident Evil series, and was later ported to Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast and Nintendo GameCube.


The game begins on September 29, 1998, as the citizens of Raccoon City have been turned into zombies by a biological weapon known as the T-virus.

Leon S. Kennedy, a police officer on his first day in the Raccoon Police Department, and Claire Redfield, a college student looking for her brother, enter the city. They fight their way to the police station, along the way encounterint survivors like Ada Wong and a little girl, Sherry Birkin, along the way trying to survive and finding out what Umbrella had done and planned to do.


As in the first game, the player must travel through a variety of locations, solving puzzles and fighting numerous mutated creatures in order to complete the game. The player can arm themselves with a variety of firearms, although ammunition is limited. The game features an improved graphics engine over the previous game, allowing for more zombies to appear on screen. In addition, the player can now determine their character's health based on their animation. A character in the 'caution' stage of injury will cover their stomach with his or her hand, while a character on the verge of death will limp. The game over screens are more gruesome this time, featuring the player's character being eaten by the creature that killed him or her.

The main addition to the gameplay is a scenario system. Resident Evil 2 offers two playable characters, each with their own scenario. However, after finishing one character's scenario (the "A" game) and saving the data, a second scenario (the "B" game) is unlocked in which the same series of events are depicted from the other character's perspective. Actions taken by the player during the first scenario affects the player's surroundings during the second scenario. In addition, one's character also has access to one area in their B game that they normally would not have access to. There are two scenarios for each character.

The player is also awarded with unlockable weapons and other bonuses after completing a scenario and fulfilling certain requirements. A ranking system has been implemented in which the player is graded based on the amount of time taken to complete the game, number of times the game was saved and the number of first-aid sprays used. There are also several hidden minigames that can be unlocked such as The 4th Survivor; its spoof/harder version The Tofu Survivor, and in the DualShock Version: an Extreme Battle minigame.


Leon Scott Kennedy: A police rookie, the game's hero.
Claire Redfield: Chris's sister, came looking for him.
Sherry Birkin: Daughter of G-virus creator William Birkin.
Ada Wong; a spy.


Resident Evil 2 received positive reviews from most publications. Resident Evil 2 was a commercial success and it has sold over 4.96 million copies since its release, making it the best selling game in the series until it was surpassed in sales by Resident Evil 5 in 2009. On Metacritic, Resident Evil 2 has an average of 92 out of 100 for the PlayStation and 87 out of 100 for the Nintendo 64 versions, 77 out of 100 for the Dreamcast version, and 59 out of 100 for the Nintendo GameCube version.


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