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Published on May 29, 2013

Pwad: Toohard.wad
Author: Rick Kelly
Date: 28th May 1994
Map: e1m1
Category: UV Maxdemo
Executable: Doom.exe
Time: 1:43

Now there's a wad name that just dares you to try it. And while maybe this might have been considered more difficult than usual in 1994, too hard this is not. Yes, there's two Cyberdemons and one Spiderdemon on this level, and not a whole lot of cell ammo, but with infights and modern BFG techniques they're simple to overcome. And the rest of the opposition is nothing.

The quick route is fairly simple. Run out to where the Cyber and Spider are, and once they're infighting run off and collect all the weapons. The second Cyber will try and follow you, and more often than not wander into the middle of the first Cyber-Spider fight, resulting in a boss battle three-way. And while they're fighting you're off collecting rockets and cells. The extremely expansive layout will give you just enough time to get everything before the fight is over, and when you run back you should have just two or even one boss to contend with. I was surprised how often I only had one Cyber, the Spider having killed one off completely and weakened the other for me. I think in closeup fights between the Spider and Cyber the Spider is far more likely to prevail.

So you kill him with the BFG, and then there's the last few monsters to mop up. Everything in the level wakes up from the moment you fire your first shot, but the layout means some will still be lost in far off corridors, so run off and take care of them. (It's always the same locations - you needn't worry about having to track anybody down). I switched to rocket at this point and took a little more damage than necessary with some fairly close blasting. (Still had a BFG blast but it wouldn't have saved me any time to use it.) And then straferun through the empty level to the exit. Not a classic at all, but it's a fun mindless blaster of a level, and the huge passages and vanishingly high ceiling give the level an epic scale that the difficulty doesn't really warrant.

There's an earlier record on this level by Eric Baker, who finished in a time of 1:48 (and you can watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aVl3b...). So I knew I wanted to beat that time. I was a little more direct at the start in provoking the main infight and skipped picking up a couple of powerups, apart from that I think our runs are pretty much the same. The level layout is so runner friendly there's really nothing to stop you straferunning from start to finish, so running skill isn't hugely important. Something about his video was a little weird though. On his run the level's showing all sorts of graphical glitches and nodebuilding errors, and I didn't see any of that when I played the level. It turns out the copy on the /idgames archive, in the dmcraz collection, dates from 25th April, and my version dates from 28th May. Somebody had obviously put this wad through some better wad creation tools, and the end result is a lot more stable and enjoyable to play through.

Download from /idgames here: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/inde...


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