Silver Bells // Chapter Three





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Published on Nov 13, 2011

The clock struck noon on the clock tower in downtown Franklin, and the bell's chime rang throughout the entire town. Tiny white snow particles slowly fell from the sky onto the sidewalks and road. Cars made their way down the street pushing slush of snow towards the gray curbsides. Justin looked up at the lightly clouded sky as snowflakes fell upon his eyelashes. Memories of winter time filled his mind as he and his mother walked up and down the sidewalk. They passed stores among stores of everything Christmas. Holiday card stores, Candy stores, Coffee stores and every other store you could think of lined the streets of this small town. Christmas lights aligned the windows and wrapped around the light poles.

Just as he expected, no one was paying any attention to who he was. It was as if he wasn't even famous. They approached a tiny toy shop on their left. Miniature Ferris Wheels stood in the windows next to many other toys. A smile crept onto Justin's face as he saw this, "hey mom, I'm going to go in here and find something for Jazzy and Jaxon," he called out to his mother. "Okay sweetheart. I'll be in the store next door. Want me to get you a hot chocolate?" she asked as she gave him a kiss on his forehead. "Sounds great," replied Justin and with that Pattie was on her way to the coffee shop. Justin opened the wooden door as it chimed against a little golden bell that hung from the door frame. A strong whiff of Pumpkin Spice seeped up his nostrils.

Kids and their parents filled the store left and right. Toys from Teddy Bears to little toy cars stacked the shelves. Justin made his way toward the back where the dolls were located, remembering that an American Girl doll was at the top of his little sister's Christmas list. He scanned the shelves for the perfect one when a cute little brunette haired girl tugged on his pant leg. He looked down and smiled at her. "Hi there sweetie," he said as he knelt down to her level. She pointed up at a doll that was on a shelf out of her reach, so Justin pulled it down from the shelf and handed it to her. The little girl's eyes twinkled when the doll touched her tiny hands.


"Belle!" shouted Olivia. She scurried around the store looking for her daughter. Trying not to trip over the other children in the store, she looked up and down the rows of toys to find her little girl. She turned the corner and spotted a small girl that was dressed in the same outfit Belle had on this morning. It was Belle. Olivia ran over and engulfed her daughter in her arms. "Baby, what did mommy tell you about running off and talking to strangers? It's not safe," Olivia explained to Belle.

Justin stood there staring at the girl before him. She was the most beautiful girl he's ever laid eyes on. Her hair was in big curls that bounced against her rosy cheeks. "It's okay, I was just helping her reach a toy of the shelf," he reassured her. Olivia sat Belle back down on the floor and looked at the brown haired boy in front of her. She couldn't help but stare at his flawless face and pretty golden eyes. Realizing who he was she could help but smile a bit. "Aren't you Justin Bieber?" she asked. Justin nodded and began to open his mouth to ask for her name when Belle spoke up.

"Mommy, can we get dis dolly? Pwease?" despite her convincing voice and puppy dog eyes Olivia had to say no. "Not today baby. Maybe Santa will get it for you. Plus I'm already buying you an early present remember?" said Olivia looking down at her young one. Belle smile and nodded and placed the doll on a lower shelf. Picking Belle back up Olivia turned and looked at Justin. "I'm sorry, but we've got to get going," she said making her way back toward the front of the store. Justin followed right behind her, "I didn't get your name miss."
"It's Olivia," and with that Belle and Olivia stepped out into the cold weather and strolled back down the never ending sidewalk.



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