1. over the last few years

  2. Presley in the bathtub

  3. Vlogging, rainbows and finals!

  4. sara's 22nd birthday slideshow!

  5. 300+ subscribers?! thanks guys!

  6. jeremy singing double rainbow

  7. drunk bad romance fun

  8. ziplining in kauai!

  9. jenn's welcome home san diego partyy

  10. anthony and greg..and others

  11. clemente sonantina opus 36 number 3

  12. franny's birthday

  13. mass media project with eric and amy

  14. me and anthony wrestling


  16. swing war

  17. fun in danielle's car

  18. my 18th ice skating party!

  19. testing the new camera at school

  20. new year 08..me and weiss having whistle war

  21. lost girls at del!

  22. anthony's stomach rolling!

  23. franny gets a strike!

  24. pro bowling strike skills by anthony

  25. anthony's pro bowling

  26. summer 07

  27. fun in my room

  28. me playing guitar hero

  29. part III with weiss fran and rick

  30. more attempts for a pantsing war!

  31. pantsing war!

  32. me and fran rocking out in the carrr

  33. disneyland with kat!!

  34. me and emily and katieee

  35. me and jackie going to laughlin!

  36. jackie and me at the river

  37. jackie singing we could be lovers

  38. me tom and larry at little ceasars

  39. me nicole emily tom and larry at lunch

  40. me cutting ricks hair

  41. derrick shamous and weiss in workout chair

  42. derrick and shamous climbing wall

  43. shamous, me, and derrick

  44. katie and jenn in my room

  45. my party 2

  46. my party

  47. b-day slideshow for amy

  48. my bored video

  49. john at ruby's spitting a spitball at me

  50. another car adventure

  51. car ride to laughlin

  52. my not so good mini dive at edison fresh. yr haha

  53. katie in her skirt

  54. me being a dork with katie in a skort

  55. granny air bag

  56. hamburger magic

  57. italian chewing gum

  58. worlds best dog ever!

  59. best commercial ever

  60. me and emily slideshow

  61. katie in the car