CarboHydroM - Starfox Forever (Starfox, Corneria, 2006)





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Published on May 5, 2010

UPDATE : for some reason the video now sounds glitchy for some people, it depends on their configuration. If it does for you, I made a re-uploaded here : http://youtu.be/yHHOjnC5kIY


This is a rock song I've produced, covering the theme from the Corneria planet level in StarFox (SNES), which was originally written by Hajime Hirasawa. The guitar arrangement was inspired by Madd Murdock's take on the theme, in the nineties. My version also features sound effects and voices taken from StarFox 64 (N64).
All instruments are played and recorded by me, except the drums that I programmed and rendered with Natural Studio Kit 7 and other free SF2 soundfonts.

(Stupid) lyrics :

Out for the scramble
Surrounded by the ennemy
You will never surrender
Dive into the battle, into your life
Andross he's going to kick your ass

Before the fall
Before the decline
Before the rise of the Empire
Take off, Starfox

Blaze the horizon
Rip the sky up
And bring your wings always higher always faster
Make the sun break again through the clouds
Shove a missile up Androsse's ass

Go show us the way
To this place we call home
And fucking change the whole course of History
Forever be Starfox


  1. 50

    Metal Gear Solid : Medley (CarboHydroM & Scaredsim guitar arrangement)

  2. 51

    Super Mario Bros. : Main Theme (CarboHydroM guitar arrangement)

  3. 52

    Super Mario Galaxy : Gusty Garden Galaxy Theme (CarboHydroM guitar arrangement)

  4. 53

    The Legend Of Zelda : Medley (CarboHydroM guitar arrangement)

  5. 54

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 : Final Bowser Battle Theme (CarboHydroM guitar arrangement)

  6. 55

    The Legend of Zelda ALTTP : Medley ("Unsealed" by CarboHydroM - 2005 version)

  7. 56

    Duck Tales : The Moon (CarboHydroM guitar arrangement)

  8. 57

    Super Mario 64 : Medley ("Penguin Cap" CarboHydroM guitar arrangement - Extra Credits Opening)

  9. 58

    Mario Kart 64 : Credits Theme (CarboHydroM guitar arrangement)

  10. 59

    Kingdom Hearts : Hikari / Simple And Clean ("Rising Sun" CarboHydroM guitar arrangement)

  11. 60

    Mario Kart 7 : Rainbow Road Theme (CarboHydroM guitar arrangement)

  12. 61

    Metroid : Ending Theme (Metroid Metal / CarboHydroM & Wild_Cat cover)

  13. 62

    Dino Racer Turbo Mega Destructor (Racing soundtrack by Christophe Blondel)

  14. 63

    Sparkster / Rocket Knight Adventures : Shooting Theme (CHM, HH & Wild_Cat guitar arrangement)

  15. 64

    Dino Racer Turbo Mega Destructor : Racing Soundtrack (Christophe Blondel)

  16. 65

    GoldenEye 007 : Antenna Cradle (Shadow Broker live band cover)

  17. 66

    GoldenEye 007 : Antenna Cradle (Shadow Broker live band cover)

  18. 67

    Castlevania II Simon's Quest : Mansion Theme (CarboHydroM guitar arrangement feat. Wild_Cat)

  19. 68

    Tales Of Symphonia : Fatalize Theme (CarboHydroM & LuIzA guitar arrangement)

  20. 69

    Thunder Force III : Medley (BrainCells & CarboHydroM guitar arrangement)

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