Twisted Imagery- I'm telling you (Free Verse/40 bars)





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Uploaded on Nov 12, 2010

Keeping things moving...


Now I don't have a big ego, I got the pride of a eagel
I'm a scavenger, going eye to eye with a segal
that makes more bred then me though, some follow greed yo
so my bars hit the internet too quick for VEVEO
as if your views see you fein a single threat
8 million people just haven't seen me yet
and never will, I'm not going down with system
like eating out of government run soup kitchen
I got my leg up on the competition, fuck ya'll
I'm embracing the impact, so I let my neck break my fall
break my wrist wrestlin the world from a globalist
until they break a nail and loosen up their grips
I swim in dangerous waters, with broken arms to help
-me out swim a gold medallist, Micheal Phelps
Lastly, I'm cracking in skulls for fun...
Wait, let me go grab my uniform, badge and gun...
I'm sick of this false-flag- hit, look behind ya
cause that Canadian flag says made in china
All we manufacture is lies and foreign slaves
that'll serve as brigade for a war america creates
I'm like google but with half the intelligence
they can find me, cause I keep me search relevant
I got the military drones trained on my house
collatoral damage, they'll take whole neighbourhood out!
Fuck it, if sleep is the cousin of death
Then I'll fuck that bitch too, sleep bring her to bed
I had dream, the dream said I'm better of dead
So out of spite, I got death pregnant instead
Ecoscience, I don't give a fuck what you read
Are you for population control with a gun to your head?
Doubt it, cause all you motherfuckers are hypocrites
They'll kill you in a second so, fuck time differences
the difference is, this ain't about African kids
or killing innoncents by raping n pillaging villages
They train to take over our cities, G-20
they think it's funny, wine dine and wipe their ass with our money
dummy, don't let them tax your breath
and in literal cents, be taxed to death
The lyrical cats want me to flip the concept
cept-the-con has been on since the onset
I stand with rage against the machine, decepticon
until I hack into it's circuit boards and rewire wrong
oh shit, decepticon is strapped with bomb
and apparently, just transformed to islam
the news is useless... wait... the breaking news is,
Lindsey Lohan went to jail, incase you gave two shits..
while Rick Sanchez drove drunk around district
some bitch named Alexis drove head for bus tickets
We get it, we're fucked up without doubt
cause this nation built the fucking foundation for Amy's whinehouse
I don't throw sticks and stones to break bones
I fuck you up on the inside like crones and kidney stones
Grab the clever, I'll be damned like apack of beaver
take a breather, hack the game up, then leave it to Beiber
Your mothers aren't safe either, when I'm sonnin' you
about big brother and what his machine guns will do
Though, I'm self destructive too, stomach unnerving
hit mc donalds up to eat the shit fucking that they servin'
pre-served burgers, couch patatos, I want fries with that
with DIE-IT'S-COKE, aspartame in a bucket, stat
the service is top notch, take my word for it
I bull-shit, now who's going to fix my fucking toilet?
I spit truth, lock me up, I'll go bar-to-bar
with a jail cell, then educate the security guard
corruption has power and tendacies to brawl
we use technique, arm bar the long arm of the law
Those cats with nothing to say, talk with a gun
but have you murdered a man with tip of your tongue?
Beat you with my fucking words, the trauma is done
So, FUCK YOU... yeah, the object was blunt
We living an ants life, tryna be lord of the flies
Oxymoron, like the media suing for slanderous lies
Four bars left, and no dope vocabulary yet
So I tongue lash the concept, of textual debt
Technical slavery, addicted to our own vice
our device is decisively spliced sound bytes
So most won't comprehend what this message is
Like English Scholars tryna dycpher text messages
an exodus of all road signs, I won't stop
until I get a mural on the corner of writers block

Thanks to AnnoDominiBeats. Google them.

Download my songs here: http://twistedimagery.bandcamp.com

And thanks to all subscribers old and new for the support. Details on the mixtape, coming later this month. Stay tuned.


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