Forever Love Me; Episode Three





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Uploaded on Dec 28, 2011

Emmerose Lynn lied on her bed with the music on its highest volume and the window slightly open for a fresh breeze to hit her face every now and then. Her hair still curled and frizzy from the Tresemé hairspray she used. Her eyes slowly drifted off to sleep. Emmerose thought it would be okay for a little nap until her phone rang.
"PICK UP YOUR PHONE PICK UP YOUR PHONE! It's ringing its ringing!" she giggled at the ringtone Tori, Megan, Alyssa, Logan, James, Carlos, Kendall, and herself made last summer out of boredom. Emmerose didn't know why she still had it. She just recently purchased some ringtones and they're her favorite songs. The screen read 'Call from: LOGAN SEXY MITCHELL'
Logan put that there when he asked her if she had his number. She forgot about it and never changed it.
"Hello?" she spoke softly still sleepy.
"Hey Emmerose, its Tori, Um funny story. Well my parents ticked me off and now I want to come live with you." Tori said talking super duper fast.
"Err... Repeat that again?" Emmerose asked curiously.
"You know how my parents are like pretty much-"
"Yeah, well I ran away to Logan and I need somewhere to live." Tori said softly.
"Haha! Good one Tori!! That totally got me off track for a minute I was like what? And now! Haha that was good!"
"I'm being serious Emmerose!" Tori shouted.
"Oh... You were?"
"Yes! I don't have a place to live and anything can be better than living in a dog house!"
"Okay I'll ask, but you'll have to wait awhile. My mother is a work and I don't know when she gets off" Emmerose responded.
"I'll wait." Tori answered.
"Okay call you when she gets back and we've talked. Bye."
Emmerose didn't know what to think. Her mother is very strict. Even though she loves Tori. Emmerose probably already knew an answer just didn't want to tell Tori because they were best friends and she hated saying no.

Kendall Knight was working on his homework and texting James. Kendall was trying to guess who he liked. He finally gave up and stopped texting him. It was probably somebody famous. Like Megan Fox or Jessica Alba. Someone like that who he thought he was going to marry one day. Kendall on the other hand didn't have any crushes. He liked some girls but not girls he wanted to go out with. Usually. He had this HUGE crush on Alyssa Moore once. But she doesn't show her emotions to well and he gave up on her. Sometimes he would ask a girl out but the obvious answer was no. It was mostly if James asked you out the girls would say yes.
Kendall tried not to think about crushes at the moment he was more worried about who his partner was for Mr. Cloudd's class.
Mr. Cloudd never got to the partners because they had to take a lot of notes and they were goofy.
He wished he got someone who would actually do work. Or someone he knows. There is only 3 people in his class that he knows. Tori, Logan, and Emmerose. He wouldn't mind if he had one of them as a partner but at the same time he did. If Kendall got Tori, Tori would do a lot of the work and try to make it as perfect as possible. If Kendall got Logan, Logan would not hang out with him. He would barely say a word to Kendall only because he is so focused on getting an A. If Kendall got Emmerose, Emmerose would... Actually Emmerose wouldn't be that bad of a partner. She's funny still would want to get a good grade and would just take a break now and then. It was official Kendall wanted Emmerose as a partner. No NEEDED Emmerose as a partner.

Tori lied on Logan's lap as he stroked her hair.
"What if... Emmerose mom doesn't say yes." Tori asked
"Then... You'll live with me."
"What? Are you serious?"
"Of course I wouldn't lie to you! You could live in my basement! My mom doesn't want to go down there but she has to for laundry and I could just take that job! She will never find out!"
"Wow Logan. You mean it?" Tori asked sitting up.
"Yes I do."
"Oh Logan you're the best!" she cheered sitting up and hugging him.
"Haha I know." He said hugging her tightly never letting go.

Hope you liked the episode! Sorry I didn't post one yesterday! My mom was hogging the computer and I was tired so yeah. Could you guys maybe think of a cute mash up name for Kendall and Emmerose? I can think of one and its killing me! Haha thanks for reading! :)


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