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Super Mario Galaxy: All Bosses 1/3





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Uploaded on Jul 21, 2009

This is not a speedrun attempt, or a No Damage attempt, its just casual gaming.

0:02 - The first boss set - The Tarrace. Home of Good Egg Galaxy, Honeyhive, and Bowser Jr's Megaleg.

Good Egg Galaxy

0:08 - Dino Piranha: At this point, this is the first star you do in the game (I think), and they start off with a boss? How nice for the kids. Anyway, its a simple strategy, run around and instead of what you did with Bowser in SM64, YOU spin on his tail (Other way around lol) Just beware that theres no cutscene after you hit him for the second time, so you need to react quickly.

0:57 King Kaliente: The first boss that might give you trouble. All you have to do is play ball with him. When he shoots a coconut(?) you spin at it to deflect it back. Fun eh? Well the only time it'll really get hard is when he summons the Blue fire, while will follow you. Just try to stay around the edge and hit the coconut(?) back and forth till he stops. The tentacles CAN burn you so stay away from them, plus they can destroy the coconuts(?) Ex. 1:42

Honeyhive Galaxy

2:14 Mandibug Parent - Kill its child by a ground-pound like a regular bug, and then kill it, make sure you don't fall off the tower!

2:33 Bugaboom - Well, this guy needs flying skills to beat. All you need to do for the first part is ground pound its body. Then, it will start to fly. Use the flowers in the battlefield with the Bee power-up to get high enough to pound it. (If you lose the Bee Suit, theres more near the water.) After a 2nd beating, it will start to do flips and throw bombs at you, ouch.

Tarrace Boss:

3:49 Megaleg - Simple after all the other bosses. All you need to do is go to Megaleg's legs and climb up them (Arrows indicate where you climb) Just follow them up to his head, don't worry nothing is too hard climbing up. Next you have to destroy the dome over the Grand Star using a bullet bill. After that, MORE barriers will grow, and so will more bullet bills. This can be more annoying than deathful BECAUSE THE BULLET BILLS LOVE TO CRASH INTO ONE ANOTHER! Kill the barriers and get a bullet inside the barriers and make it hit the inside, and BOOM, hes dead. How you survive the explosion I don't know.

5:23 Boss Set 2: The Fountain

5:29 Kamella: A Kamek rip-off. The difference between him and the others is that he can shoot shells at you. Just deflect his shells back by spining them back at him. Ignore the Wizards he summons and keep attacking.

6:44 Extra Scene: You know, I love messing with Toads, ever since he flipped up off in Super Mario Bros for the NES.

7:04 Tarantox: A giant spider. All you have to do is avoid the acid it shoots and hit its back. You can stun it anytime by hitting his eyes or green spots on its sides, but you gotta hit his butt to win. After that, he'll flip over revealing 3 red spots, you gotta kill them all by slinging yourself at them. (Remember that you can shoot Toad also, incase you want to stun him or kill him with Toad, be my guest, he won't say anything to you anyway.) He'll shoot out of every end after you hit him once in all the spots, just do what you did before again.

And thats all for this part :D

~I just decided to do this, waiting for the second Super Mario Galaxy, hoping its a little smoother that this game. (In controls and stuff, thats why I kept getting mangled out there). I hated doing jumps there because they were too slow starting out. I miss old games where you can just run past obstacles without a running start most of the time. Also, remember on the old games where you just pressed save and the game saved WITHOUT even a screen interrupting gameplay.

I would like to thank GameFAQs for the names of the missions that have bosses, and Nintendo for making this Super Mario debut to the Wii. ~

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