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Published on Aug 7, 2008

Slipknot's music video for 'Psychosocial' from the album, All Hope Is Gone - available now on Roadrunner Records.

- CD: http://smarturl.it/AntennasToHellCD
- iTunes: http://smarturl.it/SK-ATH
- Stream: http://smarturl.it/AntennasToHellStream

Subscribe: http://bit.ly/171a3Ya
Site: http://slipknot1.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/slipknot
Twitter: https://twitter.com/slipknot
Instagram: http://instagram.com/slipknot

I did my time and I want out
So effusive - fade - it doesn't cut
The soul is not so vibrant
The reckoning, the sickening
Packaging subversion
Pseudo sacrosanct perversion
Go drill your deserts, go dig your graves
Then fill your mouth with all the money you will save
Sinking in, getting smaller again
I'm done! It has begun! I'm not the only one!

And the rain will kill us all...
Throw ourselves against the wall
But no one else can see
The preservation of the martyr in me


There are cracks in the road we laid
But where the temple fell
The secrets have gone mad
This is nothing new, but when we killed it all
The hate was all we had
Who needs another mess?
We could start over
Just look me in the eyes and say I'm wrong
Now there's only emptiness
Venomous, insipid
I think we're done. I'm not the only one!



Fake anti-fascist lie - (psychosocial!)
I tried to tell you but - (psychosocial!)
Your purple hearts are giving out - (psychosocial!)
Can't stop a killing idea - (psychosocial!)
If it's hunting season - (psychosocial!)
Is this what you want? - (psychosocial!)
I'm not the only one!

The limits of the dead...

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Blur BlurO
0:48 Pikachu's a virgin
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Eric Soares
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This song is actually pretty good, but I find that most fans of Slipknot are just 13 year-olds who are going through their emo phase.
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jeroen van den bulk
so eminem is retarded?
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Ege Durmuş
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because slipknot has uploaded it to their own channel and they just want the views to go there instead of split.
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Rob K
gets over 96 million hits, video goes unlisted........
Flame Da Fallen warrior
98 million
I am sorry for you sir... Rip youtube
Blood is Red, Tears are Blue, if you don't like metal then fuck you.
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Italian steel gaming
kreshBACON i agree ro
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Steph P
I'm so glad they aren't done, even with the tremendous loss of Paul. I haven't been to Knotfest, but i'm curious to see and hear if anything has changed. I'm glad for this band everyday, and their music has definitely helped me out. 
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Josie Fuentes
+Bawa Jenkins
Bawa Jenkins
+Jeff Davis Well, what evidence do we have that he wasn't fired from the band? Joey stated:  "I want to make it very clear that I did not quit Slipknot." Makes it sound like, to me, it wasn't his choice. Jordison insists he did not quit the band and states that he was blindsided and shocked at the announcement.
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Jay Martinez jr
Do you know how much power this song gives you while you workout!!!😂😂😂
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Leonem FRAG
In the negative? Because it makes me want to yawn. If one of the less brutal song from Slipknot gives you that much power, I guess you would explode listening to an actually good song from them.
BooN owns
What!!!! over 9000!!! ????? I think my scouter just broke!
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Kawaii Mio and Devin Haynes are just a 15 year old emo girls who first cut themselves and then come here to comment shit how babymetal are better than slipknot and how slipknot are kids with ,,masks"... that happens when pube starts in emos...
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Respect The Threading!
+Swagu-Senpai, Yo  there is also a very rare genetic disease( can't remember the name of it right now ) that causes people to harm them self and be un aware of it but only males get it and by rare i mean only about 3 people out of a billion get it every 50 years lol
+Kyle DeMille I've only met one person who didn't cut for attention and he did it because it gave him an adrenaline rush. And pretty much the entirety of my old highschool cut themselves.
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TwoCan Sami
Why is Justin Bieber in the suggested videos?
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Martin Molina
TwoCan Sami
The Demon Scorpion
TwoCan Sami I have Batista's theme
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Renata Celi
God, how I love this band ;(
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Cauã Carvalho
Mas olha só
DuckBill TV
+Rael Proemsia BR por aqui huehuehue
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