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Published on Nov 15, 2011

www.gabriellelouise.com, Song written by Gabrielle Louise, audio from a live performance at The Steamplant Theater. Edited by Chris Garre

You're Italian, I'm American, you're gay, I'm straight, you're kissing and I'm staring. Strip away the identity, we're all just breathing human beings! We've got these little boxes sorting out our minds by our color, our culture and our sexual pride, but hey, I'm just as guilty as the next guy. I'm just as guilty as the next guy!

When you think to yourself what a woman can do, do you limit yourself to what's attractive to you? We affect our tone to satiny soft, I've never dreamed of letting it all out like Janis Joplin! Flat-out, being female, we're raised to fear we might do something that'll spoil our sex appeal. But when we aspire for more than aesthetic altitude some seem to think we've got an attitude! I know you think your hands are clean, but listen to me! I feel it! We've got a ways to go, we're not equal yet. No, we're nowhere near it. I'd love to express my needs like a dude, get right to the point without being called rude. For example: "Hey bitch! Go make me some food!" I bet that ruins your mood.

It looks two types of ways from two points of view, but I'll humor you if you ask me to, so let's contemplate the truth!

I want to make you remember you're alive! I want to make you remember you're inspired! I want to wake you up from the slumber. I want to wake you up!

Oh, the mundane, painful mediocrity when real life looks just like a movie scene, telling the same tired jokes that we learned on TV. I can't seem to escape the Hollywood screen that's homogenizing humanity, with all their products placed so cleverly, diggin' another soul-hole to make you think you need another useless thing! And the cuisine we're consuming, it all tastes the same. The only thing different is the packaging and names, SYSCO, MONSANTO, high-fructose glue: I bet that ruins your mood.

Pre-chorus and chorus

We're so confident that we've corrected history, living in the time when it's just like it's supposed to be, but we're not done purging the pervasive greed. Companies are the kings of this century! Modern day slavery assembles toys in factories overseas! Oh, "out of sight, out of mind!" but by choosing to be blind I'm just as guilty as the next guy! Make way, governments, for the modern day Monarchy--for the purposes of this game, lets call it a corpocracy (though some fancy it a democracy, the puppet boxing ring.) It sells you another useless thing to color up the garbage swirl, to clutter up this precious world. But hey, I'm just as guilty as the next girl.

Stakes are claimed with clever campaigns, a shell sign protrudes from the mountain range, like a flag conquering land. We now colonize with our ads and our brands. It clutters the open horizons of my youth, and fucking ruins my mood.

Pre-chorus and chorus.

Fear based legislation, fear based laws sell us into separation, makes fools of us all. Fear based legislation, fear based laws sell us into separation, makes fools of us all.

Vocals and Guitar - Gabrielle Louise
Bass - Myles Sloniker
Drums- Carl Sorensen

Gabrielle Louise footage taken from live performances at the following locations during the 2011 "Muse's Market" national tour: 

The Alberta Rose Theater, Portland, OR
ThinkTank Art Collective, Los Angeles, CA
The Steamplant Theater, Salida, CO
Room with a View House Concerts, Salt Lake City, UT
Summit House Concerts, Summit, OR 
Behind the Ogden House Concerts, Denver, CO 
Eron Johnson's Antique Warehouse, Denver, CO
Paradise Theater, Paonia, CO 
Linfield College Auditorium, McMinville, OR
The Grand Theater, Salem, OR


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