{ Love At First Sight } Justin Bieber Love Story Episode 3





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Uploaded on Nov 26, 2011

Your mom: sienna don't!
Your mom: *looks at you*
You: *looks at justin*
Justin: well errm yeah hehe bout that.. its for 4 months
Your mom: *nods ok* sienna calm down dear.. you may do here what you want! Isn't that what you always wanted
Sienna: wait.. could I just stay here? All by myself *smiles big* you know what go away! Haha! Cool! Thanks sis! Thanks beiber! *walks away whistling*
You and justin: ITS BIEBER!
Your mom: *laughs* youre so funny *walks away shaking her head and laughing*
Justin: so you come to my hotel tomorrow morning at 10.30 with your mom?
You: we will be there
Justin: alright see you then shawty *hugs you and leaves*
You: *walks upstairs and starts packing*
Sienna: hey..
You: go away..
Sienna: (your name) look im sorry.. I shouldn't say all that crap
You: well youre doing? *bitchy/mad*
Sienna: just understand me
You: why sienna why? Just give me one good reason!
Sienna: im 19 I know things better than you.. your just (your age) and sometimes im worried about you! *sits down on your bed*
You: so? Im (your age) and old enough to handle my life by myself! *puts two tanktops in your suitcase*
Sienna: well I hope you have fun there in europe.. 4 months.. without me.. I will miss you lil sis *walks away*
You: sienna wait! I didn't mean it like that.. I was just a little pissed off. But its cool ok?
Sienna: *turns around to you* alright *smiles*
You: hug?
Sienna: sure *open her arms* come here babygurl! *laughs*
You: *jumps into sienna her arms and hug her* I will miss you too weirdo..
Sienna: alright that's how I know you! Should I help you packing?
You: If you want to ok!

Next day at the hotel
Youre wearing this: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=39...
Your mom: *at the desk* we are here for Mr. Bieber and the crew
Desk lady: youre sure?
You: yeah I am!
Desk lady: ok I will call them *calls to them*
Your mom: itll be so nice to go to europe!
You: *smiles* yeah..
Desk lady: its alright you can go with elevator 4 to the 3rd floor and then room 456 *smiles*
Your mom: thank you
*you both walk away into the elevator then to the room and you knock on the door*
Justin: *opens it* hey! *hugs you then your mom* come in
You: what tha? Omg huuuuge!
Justin: good right? *smiles*
Pattie: hello there *smiles* you must be (your name) and you must be her mom.. well nice to meet you im pattie
Your mom: hey im (your moms name)
You: hey im (your name)
Pattie: justin spoke much about you. Youre really pretty girl! *hugs you*
You: hehe *blushes* thanks
Justin: you all ready?
All three: YEP!
Justin: LEGGO!

Later in the bus
Justin: so this is the kitchen thing.. that's the mini livingroom. There on the left is my mom and your moms room and *opens the last door* that's our room
You: *gasp*
Justin: what not good?
You: *silent*
Justin: hello there? *waves his hand in front of your face*
You: *snaps out of it* oh yeah right! Omg its amazing!
Justin: nice *hugs you and spins you around*
You: *giggle*
Justin: *kisses you*
Your mom: *comes in* he- oh am I interrupting something here?
Justin: *stops* haha nothing (your moms name)
Your mom: alright.. here is your luggage honey! Im gone! Adios! *walks out and closes the door*
You: well that was embarrassing! *laughs*
Justin: haha kinda *smiles*
You: lets unpack then!
Justin: why so much rush, you have to unpack in the hotel?
You: ohh. Well why not? *smiles*
Justin: nothing nothing *beats gently on your butt*
Justin: what? *laughs*
You: you slapped my ass!
Justin: oh did i?
You: yeah you know! *hugs justin*
Justin: hehe *sits down on the little couch* come here shawty
You: don't you see im busy? *trying to be not interested*
Justin: yeah I see.. and it can wait *pulls on your arm*
You: waaah *sits down on justin his lap*
Justin: *kisses you again*
You: *kisses back*
Pattie: *comes in* guys we are almost in Toronto! Probably in 10 minutes you outside then? *don't care about what you and justin are doing* hello attention please?
Justin: *while kissing you raises his hand by saying ok!*
Pattie: seriously? Justin? *laughs*
Justin: *makes a hand gesture that she has to leave*
Pattie: omg so funny this *walks out*
You: *stops*
Justin: what?
You: just everyone walks in, do they do that everytime?
Justin: yup!
You: hmm.. annoying
Justin: haha im used to it *smiles*
You: alright. I will get used to it too soon *smiles and lays your head down on justin*
Justin: *strokes your hair* youre so beautiful
You: *blushes*
Justin: *kisses your forehead* we should probably go out the bus and get in the hotel. So you come?
You: yeah right
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