EARTH 2008-- A WORLD OF SLAVES (Part 1 of 6)





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Published on Nov 25, 2007


The Illuminati, a group of Super Rich that control scientific research, banking system, all forms of media, and governments of the world are taking control of the EARTH by design to kill off 80% of humans on earth.

The Super Rich's Plan to kill humans using genetic engineering and genocide will wipe most of the people off the earth and turn the rest of the dumbed-down by design people into their slaves. This group follows satanic spiritual practices even doing rituals over fake dead bodies.

This 62 minute 6 part series is from the movie "Zeitgeist" To see the whole video just go to Google Video and search for Zeitgeist.

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David Scraggs
I completely agree. I just did my first semester of college and was taught all of this by my sociology professor and my philosophy professor. Can't wait to get back this semester and go deeper in the worm hole.
Borat Erali Nazarbayev
I'm not having kids ... i don't want my kids to live and grow up in a world like this ... everything is corrupt and rotten to the core ... this species is doomed 
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That was a perfect model for me to show you the flaw! I take it to mean that it is a given that living as scavengers is a bad thing. This is the source and justification of racism on the part of "developed countries" towards "developing countries." Look up the analogy of the investment banker that goes to mexico for a vacation and talks to the fisherman, it's great. when you see what I mean remember, that the fishermen is happy and free and yet he is this 'scavenger' in our world. 
ALL have sinned and fall short from the glory of god. God is a holy judge who must punish evil and sin. but he loved the world so much that he gave his son to take our punishment and defeat death and satan on the cross. All we need to do is to REPENT with all our heart and turn away from our wicked ways. and believe and accept YAHSHUA (jesus) as our lord and saviour to be reborn in gods spirit. then we will be renewed and we have eternal life.NOW is the time to get saved says the Lord.
everything is a slave animals are slaves to hunting humans are slaves to more advanced humans who create ways for us to build the everyday things we use without them we would be cave men running around as scavengers
Global warming hoax . Bankers own energy companies, energy companies increase prices to combat GLOBAL WARMING SCAM YOU PAY. HIGHER ENERGY COSTS . TO REIMBURSEGLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS caused by Greedy BANKGSTERS .... eco scam 
@mariofful Dubya is on record stating "We need a nation of workers, not a nation of thinkers." I consider our current system in the US & many other places to be monetary slavery. Physical slavery was abolished, but the system didn't disappear, it merely transformed. Physical slaves were provided food, shelter and clothing for their work. Today, your average full time worker collects their check, pays for food, shelter, clothing & transportation & they're broke again. Monetary Slavery.
@Krazyk007x2 the public fool system is not interested in creating free thinkers just more robotic consumer slaves
Donald G
1 If there wasnt a monopoly on who could print money then anyone could. 2 Each company that could would print too much money to cover there debt would result in money becoming worthless for everyone 3 of course theres operations ahead and above the president covering up area 51. 4 Id be more worried about pharmeceutical companies having monopolies on certain drugs because of legal patent law on drugs. Although many politicians are connected to these companies 
@stopthesoftkill I never said it was, I asked when people will stop passing it off as a silly conspiracy. If they would just pay attention to the world around them, not just what the nightly news tells them, it would be clear as day . It is to me, and it seems to you as well. 
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