2012 Dance Off with Star Wars Stars - Hyperspace Hoopla at Star Wars Weekends at Disney





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Published on May 18, 2012

All the full performances from the 2012 Hyperspace Hoopla. This Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars concludes each day of Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
You'll see Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Stormtroopers dancing to Alien Ant Farm's "Smooth Criminal", Chewbacca, Slave Leia and Padme Amidala dance to LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" (and C-3PO wearing the LMFAO Shuffle Bot head), Emperor Palpatine and Imperial Guards dancing to LL Cool J's "Momma Said Knock You Out", and other Star Wars stars dancing to Adam Levine's "Moves like Jagger", Adele's "Rolling in the Deep", LMFAO's "Party Rock" and more.

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Comments • 3,151

Kyle Bugo
Who else came because of Padme in the thumbnail
View all 58 replies
Tied Ninja
Kyle Bugo ;)
C Ler
CT- 2005 I definitely came
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Crusader Nikolai
Bring dat ass here girl 9:10 what most of us came here for
View all 70 replies
Crusader Nikolai you are a good among men
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You know what you came for. 9:10
View all 24 replies
Minecraft Master
Len append Padme
Len append Both
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Inebriated Individual
Admit it, you just came here for Padmes booty.
View all 28 replies
Richard Wendling
Cuz it's not the real actress, yup!
Dauda András
+nope datt Not in disgusting fat african-american standard but yes!
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To those complaining about Disney ruining Star Wars: this harmless show existed before they ever bought the property, and if Disney had never bought it we wouldn't be getting a new trilogy and multiple spin-offs and a bunch of other awesome stuff. Complain all you want, but Disney has done nothing but good for Star Wars thus far.
View all 36 replies
Juan Cortez
abnormalAL I
James Sandoval
abnormalAL you don't know how wrong you are do you?
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duck dong
i sense a disturbance in my pants.
View all 9 replies
Luke Bennett
duck dong LOL me too
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Panickingfangirlofawesomeness !
When Vader started singing smooth criminal am I the only one who thought of Anikins nickname ani? No I'm not sorry
View all 12 replies
Panickingfangirlofawesomeness ! Anakin's
21holosecual crybabies
i did
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GNG 29
9:09 You're welcome.
View all 7 replies
יאיר קינד
+Grammar Nazi Gaming You're awesome ! Thanks!
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You get the sense that they threw Padme and Slave Leia in the show to appease the fathers there with their families. 
View all 6 replies
Rey Kenobi
AlteredSenses How about Darth Vader? idk but I came here for him AND Padme. I'm bi af
Merged Zamasu
What about Vader grabbing his balls??_
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joe fill
Boba and vader was the best xD
View all 12 replies
Gael Hernandez
rebekah wittmer
+joe fill I agree 100%
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