Casting Crowns-Does Anybody Hear Her? (With Lyrics)





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Published on Apr 13, 2008

This was VERY hard to make. I'm sorry if it's off-time! Please rate and comment!

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Jamie Torres
IM NOT CRYING JUST PRETENDING TO BE A WATER FOUNTAIN :) haha Jesus is wonderful , lots of love . ❤️
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Christa Fiedor
Sometimes, people do stupid things and they don't realize how much it can hurt the other people until it's too late. If anyone ever needs somebody to talk to like...for personal reasons...I'm here. My name is my facebook profile and I usually end up with people who are trying to find love and occasionally suicides. I know how it is to feel worthless and unwanted and seriously people are evil in this world and nobody ever openly says I'm willing to listen like...we all tend to keep to ourselves but I'm here for anyone on here because...nobody ever wants to hear the problems of people or be with them in those times. I dunno why I'm saying this here. But I think you are all beautiful and deserve a chance to let somebody know how you feel. I will just leave this here if any of you are really hurting and need to talk about stuff. 
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Abigail Eunice
its so sad....... its hopeless without jesus. you have to have jesus.
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Jaedyn Schlagel
Honestly, I'm not gonna share my story with y'all but I will tell you this. I am a rape victim. This life is hard and sometimes idek what to do with myself, I've made mistakes MANY. But life is worth it, God has led me down the path I need to be and there is not a day that goes by that I am not great full to still be alive with the things I have been through and the times j have tried to end my life. It's gets easier, it's worth it, LIFE is worth it. YOU are worth it, no matter how hopeless and lost you feel, no matter how many times you beat yourself up for the things you have done. You can do this.
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Annika Asplund
This girl is me. Since I heard the song, I've realized that it's me, feeling ignored, feeling hopeless, wondering if anyone (even God) hears me. I'm 16 and facing depression for two years. Everyday I wonder why I go through these hard feelings. There have been few days in these past two years that I've been 100% without depression hitting me at all. I've used this song before to describe to a really close friend of mine what I'm feeling (he replied with another song, "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley---don't even think about it---and it made me laugh). For most days after that, I realize that I am heard. The close friend I mentioned earlier; he hears me. Another close guy friend who I met in seventh grade; he hears me. A girl friend who I sit next to in Choir; she hears me. Other close friends who accept me for who I am; they hear me. Most importantly.......God hears me. There are people who hear you. It may not seem like it. They hear you. Maybe they're scared, maybe they want to say something but they don't know how, maybe they're going through the same instance feeling like no one can hear them. But then there's always God. He will ALWAYS hear you, no matter what. Don't give up! We love you here, and we hear you!
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rebekah sterling
i feel like the girl in this song
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Abbz World
One of the saddest songs ever written and composed...:'( It's worse when you watch the music video.
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Samantha Keefe
this song always gets to me...I have been dealing with mental illness my whole life and have attempted suicide more times then I can even count. after my 13th hospitalization I still haven't figured out how to really save myself...but I am trying to have hope and not give up. I'm 19 and I have already missed out on so many great experiences because of the demons I am fighting. I don't want to keep missing out on the beautiful things life has to offer. I will just have to take things one baby step at a time because even the smallest victories will add up and hopefully make things right for me in time. I will beat this, I know it.
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Kevin Weathers
This song makes me realize just how backwards life is, and how backwards other people's lives are. And what are we as Christians doing about it? Often times we don't hear the cries for help in people's lives. This is not just a song, this is a very powerful message of how sick our lives are. We need to do something about this.
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Amber Lacey
this song kills me. my sister is this girl...all she wants is love, and people just keep ruining her. to them she's a "bad kid" because she's in drugs and messes with boys who just mess her up. she 15 and has already lived too hard a life.
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