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Published on Aug 10, 2012

-next morning-
yn: *in kitchen by herself eatin cereal*
roc: *walks downstairs to her* u only 1 woke
yn: *mouthfull* yer
roc: well ive been dieing to ask u something
yn: i know
roc: *looks at her confused*
yn: i mean um..just tell me already
roc: okay um well i was wondering if yo-
prince: HAY YOU 2! WAT U DOIN UP
yn: *mad* hi prince
roc: kno wat nvm *makes him cereal*
prince: nevermind wat roc *sarcasm*
roc: *looks at him and rolls his eyes and goes to his room with cereal*
prince: *smirks*
yn: *slaps princeton and goes to living room to watch tv*
prince: *rubs his face and eats a spoonfull of her cereal*

-Roc POV-

I knew trusting Princeton was a mistake. Now all he is trying to do is spoil my plan. He knows exactly what he's doing and its getting on my nerve.
Last week on tour in a hotel, In boys room

roc; yo prince u woke
prince; maybe
roc; is any1 else woke
roc; well prince i want to ask you something
prince; *tired* what
roc; well your sister or cousin or watever i really like her and-
prince; say nothing more
roc; i want to ask her out and i just want u to know, so that if something goes wrong u kno
prince; she likes u too nothing will go wrong now let me sleep
roc;yea but i really really like her
prince; and she relly likes you now shutup
roc; no i was just sayin-
prince; leave me alone thats wat im saying
roc; okay but do u got my back on this
prince; yes roc now go to sleep
roc;thanks u can go to sleep now
prince; thank you lord


THAT BASTARD! he said he had my back. but now he's just stabbing my back. or is it that i just cant work my way up to actually ask her out. Maybe he's just trying to make me wait till i actually have enough confidence to do it in front of every1 and get to the point quicker so there wont be any interruptions. WOW! i didnt see it that way. he actually is a good friend im happy to have him
-PoV over-
-Princeton's POV-

Roc really think im gona let him get with my lil sis. NO WAY.I dont care if she is mad at me or not. wont make me nor break me. I know i said some other stuff when we were at that hotel but i was tired. This is my ONLY sibling i cant let her go. Her and my mom are the only ones i have. and if i cant have them no one can. It might sound selfish but i dont care. THEY'RE MINE! and if i have to i will make her go back home so that roc cant see her anymore.I just hope they dont drive me to that point. well atleast they havent kissed already well, to my knowledge they havent.
-4 hours later-
(every1 woke except prodigy)
ray;we should totally prank him
tati; thats not nice
shante; im up for it
tati; fine i'll do it too
ray; who else
jaee; u kno im in
ray; any last calls
roc;*comes from upstairs* yo wheres princeton
ray; he's in his room now shush we makin a plan
roc; where's yn
ray; same place as princeton
roc; thanks *leaves*
prod;*comes from room and walks behind ray and others*
ray; then we'll put some whipped cream on his hands and nose *pointing on a paper with a drawing of prod sleepin on it*
shante; *sees prod and taps ray*
ray; what
shante; *points prodigy and looks away*
ray; *turns around* oh HAAAYY PRODIGGYYYY
prod; is that me on that paper
ray; what paper oh this paper no that myles
prod;oh really
ray; um they did it *turns to girls*
*girls gone*
prod; riittee
-prince's room-
roc; *walks in* hay um yn can i talk to u
yn; sure *tries to get up*
prince; *grabs her arm* y yall cant talk in here
yn; cause your in here
roc; and it doesnt concern you
prince; if it doesnt concern me then y cant u say it in front of me
yn; prince get out how bout that
prince;this is my room
yn; jacob your an ass
roc; know what its okay yn i was just gonna ask do u wanna walk with me i'll just get ray thanks anyways *leaves*
yn;*head slowly turns to prince* U
prince; chill now i dont want to have to hurt
yn; u.hurt. me.?? TRY *jumps on him*


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