Republican (& Blue Dog) Sexcapades with Cliff Schecter





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Uploaded on Dec 7, 2009

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  1. 890

    Healthcare Expert RJE Debunks Pro-Bill Arguments (w/ Article In Description Section)

  2. 891

    Robert Borosage on Health Care and Financial Reform

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    Jonathan Kim Reviews Brothers

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    Timothy Ferriss Explains The 4-hour Work Week

  5. 894

    Unemployment & Finance w/ Newsweek's Rana Foroohar

  6. 895

    Comedian & Author Of "A Douche Nozzle for A President", Daniel Grozdich

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    Conservative Bruce Bartlett Defends Obama On The Deficit

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    Congressman Rob Andrews (D-NJ) on Healthcare & More

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    The Faster Times Vs. Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake on Healthcare Reform Politics

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    Howard Zinn Interview - 12/11/09

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    Is The Media Failing To Cover Wars Properly? w/ Author Fred Exoo

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    Evaluating The Financial Reform Bill w/ Huffington Post's Shahien Nasiripour

  13. 902

    Sarah Palin Defender John Ziegler In-Studio w/ Cenk!

  14. 903

    Jane Hamsher Skeptical Of New Healthcare Compromise

  15. 904

    Former Diplomat on Whether Obama's Afghanistan Strategy is Going to Work

  16. 905

    Did Obama Sell Us Out on Civil Liberties?

  17. 906

    Tom Matlack on Being a Real Man

  18. 907

    Jonathan Alter compares Obama to FDR

  19. 908

    Congressman John Yarmuth (D-KY)

  20. 909

    Who Will Replace Ted Kennedy? w/ Boston Globe's Frank Phillips

  21. Republican (& Blue Dog) Sexcapades with Cliff Schecter

  22. 911

    John Mertens of Connecticut for Lieberman Party

  23. 912

    'The End of Poverty'-Can We Make It Happen? Movie Review w/ Jonathan Kim

  24. 913

    Change-Makers: James Connolly and Rachelle Escaravage

  25. 914

    A Radical Revision Of Capitalism? Author Howard Bloom Joins Cenk

  26. 915

    Congressman Frank Pallone (D-NJ) On The Economy & More

  27. 916

    Richard Smith of VetVoice.com Talks Afghanistan

  28. 917

    Republican Sexcapades w/ Cliff Schecter

  29. 918

    Conservative(?) From LittleGreenFootballs.com leaves the Right!

  30. 919

    PCCC Plans To Stop Confirmation Of Ben Bernanke To Fed

  31. 920

    General Tata Gives His Take On Afghanistan

  32. 921

    Cenk Disagrees w/ Afghanistan Vet. On Obama's Escalation

  33. 922

    Farah Stockman on Afghanistan

  34. 923

    The Crash of the Dollar according to Charles Goyette

  35. 924

    Jane Hamsher on Public Option, Goldman Sachs, Corporate Congressmen & More

  36. 925

    Glenn Greenwald on Obama, The Constitution & Trials

  37. 926

    Why Are The People Not Being Represented? w/ David Swanson Of Democrats.com

  38. 927

    How Oppressive Is The Government Of Singapore? w/ Dr Chee Soon Juan

  39. 928

    David Sirota Challenges So Called Deficit Hawks On Healthcare Reform Costs

  40. 929

    Political Assassination of Greg Craig w/ Steve Clemons

  41. 930

    Mark Sumner (AKA DevilsTower) on Financial Regulation

  42. 931

    Sam Stein of Hufington Post on Glenn Beck's Associations

  43. 932

    Ari Melber of The Nation on Newsweek/Obama Controversey

  44. 933

    Bill Belichick's Infamous 4th Down Call Vs. The Colts On Sunday Night Football

  45. 934

    Igor Volsky of ThinkProgress on Healthcare Reform

  46. 935

    Author of Sexism in America discusses the Stupak Amendment.

  47. 936

    Fmr Marine Corps Captain In Afghanistan, Matthew Hoh (In-Studio)

  48. 937

    Cenk Vs. Sarah Palin Defender/Weekly Standard Assoc. Editor

  49. 938

    Jonathan Kim reviews The Men Who Stare at Goats

  50. 939

    Do Banks Own Capitol Hill? w/ Director Of Americans For Financial Reform

  51. 940

    Amy Goodman On Her New Book, Single Payer, Obama & Much More

  52. 941

    Should Teens Face Death/Life Sentences(?) w/ Newsweek's Dahlia Lithwick

  53. 942

    Cenk Vs. Conservative On Muslims In The Military

  54. 943

    FireDogLake's Jane Hamsher On Stupak Amdendment

  55. 944

    OH Const. Amendment On Food & Animals w/ Cliff Schecter

  56. 945

    Review of 'Yes Men Fix The World' w/ Jonathan Kim

  57. 946

    Debate: Cenk Vs. JJ of Boston Globe On Public Option

  58. 947

    Media Matters on Fox News & Obama w/ Eric Boehlert

  59. 948

    Authors of 'The Naked Pint' Talk Beer

  60. 949

    TYT Interviews Film Director Alicia Sams

  61. 950

    Did an Invisible Gov't of Elites Get George Bush Elected?

  62. 951

    Economy Update w/ Huffington Post's Shahien Nasiripour

  63. 952

    5 Lessons Learned From Bad CEO's w/ Dr. Tim Irwin

  64. 953

    The Original McDonald's Drive-Thru Rapper

  65. 954

    How Bad Is Drug Violence In Mexico? LA Times Update.

  66. 955

    Congressman Bruce Braley On Healthcare Reform & Local Elections

  67. 956

    Healthcare Update w/ Rep. Allyson Schwartz

  68. 957

    Marriage Equality In Maine w/ Open Left's Adam Bink

  69. 958

    Physician Assisted Suicide w/ President of the Final Exit Network

  70. 959

    Fmr Comm. Director For Lieberman On Harry Reid's Healthcare Push

  71. 960

    Comedy.com: Funny Videos, Pictures, Stories & More

  72. 961

    Rethink Reviews: Where the Wild Things Are

  73. 962

    Rotten Tomatoes Movie Reviews (Avatar, This Is It, Twilight, 2012 & More)

  74. 963

    Alan Grayson Enters Rebel Headquarters!

  75. 964

    Author Of 'Guns, Democracy and the Insurrectionist Idea'

  76. 965

    Mary Lou Quinlan, Author of 'What She's Not Telling You'

  77. 966

    Dean Baker, Center for Economic and Policy Research

  78. 967

    Dan Gross of Newsweek Talks 0% Lending & Wall Street Bonuses

  79. 968

    Former (R) Congressman Talks Fox News, Bin Laden & More

  80. 969

    Prof. Barbara Berg: Statistics Show Sexism in America

  81. 970

    Adam Green of PCCC Pushes White House in Right Direction on Public Option

  82. 971

    John Prendergrast On Genocide And Sudan

  83. 972

    The Boston Globe's Farah Stockman on Afghanistan Elections

  84. 973

    Cenk's Fiery Debate w/ G.M. on White House vs. Fox News!

  85. 974

    Frank Schaeffer on Atheism and Religion

  86. 975

    Bruce Bartlett Steps Into TYT

  87. 976

    Venetian Princess On Her YouTube Channel & Career Goals

  88. 977

    Jonathan Alter of Newsweek on 'Post Bush Stress Disorder'

  89. 978

    Adam Green Of PCC Going After Harry Reid on Healthcare

  90. 979

    John Nichols Calls Obama a Whiner

  91. 980

    Bob Cesca Slams Health Insurance Industry for 'Exortion and Fraud'

  92. 981

    Nichelle Nichols, AKA Lt. Uhura of Star Trek

  93. 982

    Dr. Lewis Sorley: Author of 'A Better War'

  94. 983

    Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films on Afghanistan

  95. 984

    Hans Johnson of In These Times on Bayard Rustin & LGBT Rights

  96. 985

    Bryan Bender of the Boston Globe on Afghanistan

  97. 986

    Prof. Young on Creationism Vs. Evolution

  98. 987

    RJ Eskow on the opt-out Public Option

  99. 988

    Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on Healthcare & Sexist Republicans

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