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Published on Jan 7, 2011

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I had this idea a while ago, but never finished it until the cancellation news about SGU. Sadly MGM has announced there will be no follow up of Stargate: Atlantis --the movie we were all hoping to get has been "shelved indefinitely".
So because we have no idea what happened to the SGA team I decided to make up my own post-"Enemy At the Gate" storyline in the form of another spin-off show. I had hoped to one day write it down, maybe as a fan fiction but for the moment I'll try to explain my outline:

[General Background]
-It's been about a year since Atlantis was brought back to Earth and is still sitting, cloaked, in a quarantine area at the mouth of the San Francisco Bay. The IOA, not wanting to relinquish control of the technologically advanced city, has succeeded in having the Atlantis Expedition suspended indefinitely. All funding by the Government has since been funneled into the promising Icarus Project. All travel to the Pegasus Galaxy has been stopped due to the ongoing Wraith threat, which despite the IOA's conclusions, is still very real for Earth.

[The Team]
-John Sheppard is no longer part of the military. After failing to get the Atlantis Expedition sent back to Pegasus, he quit, and is now working as a P.I. (similar to Alt!Sheppard the Det.) for the company which also employs his ex-wife.
-Ronon & Teyla are stranded on Earth with no way home and are living in SGC provided apartments in San Francisco under observation.
-Rodney McKay is working unhappily at Area 51 and has an ongoing relationship with Dr. Jennifer Keller.
-Dr. Carson Beckett is performing medical research in a military lab and still remains a scientific novelty himself because he is a clone.
-Richard Woolsey has resigned from the SGC and IOA after his conjoined effort with Sheppard to reopen the Atlantis project failed. He is now working as a lawyer in New York.

-Stargate: Earth begins when John receives a case which leads him to a Trust plot involving Atlantis. The Trust is still at large and evolving as they continue to infiltrate positions of power led by the elusive Goa'uld Athena. So far no one has been able to expose the operation.
-John is ignored after attempting to offer his findings to the IOA, SGC, and the Government. He soon begins to believe that the Trust may have infiltrated deeper than anyone has realized.
-As Sheppard examines further on his own, he begins to uncover evidence of weird happenings including: UFO and strange creature sightings. The leaders of Homeworld Security and the SGC have no hard evidence to prove the stories so they ignore them.
-Enlisting the help of his ex-team (Rodney, Ronon, Teyla, Woolsey with the occasional help from Carson and Keller), they decide to go rogue and start their own investigation to find proof that something is very wrong. Their search for evidence leads them into a world of global espionage, political corruption, a Goa'uld underground, and creature hunting. They soon discover that rifts and tears in reality have been opening up; causing creatures and aliens from other realities and dimensions to fall through into our world (this was most likely caused by the Wraith device in "Vegas").
They eventually uncover an even darker plot which involves the Wraith, the Goa'uld, and Atlantis --an alliance with apocalyptic consequences using the most technologically advanced city as a weapon of mass destruction.

[Additional Characters]
-Daniel Jackson having resigned from the SGC offers to help Sheppard track down the Trust.
-Jennifer Hailey, once an Air Force Lt., has since been suspended for disrespecting superior officers, ignoring rules, and fighting. Rodney begrudgingly asks for her help because she was the first one to have noticed the reality rifts, though no one believed her.
(I always liked Hailey; she was a meaner, younger, version of Sam Carter and had the potential to be a really great conflicted character. I would most certainly bring her back.)
-Lt. Grogan gets pulled in when he is posted as an escort for Ronon and Teyla.
(Grogan was a mini-Cameron Mitchell and I always wanted him to work with the SGA team, plus you can't have Hailey without at least one member of her original team).
-Ava Dixon is a replicator that John and Rodney break out of her virtual prison in order to get her to help them uncover the origins of Project Archetype. They believe this, and other private alien experiments, are being funded by the Trust. (I added her because I thought it would be fun to see more of the "indestructible girl" and get a Terminator flare going. Plus the never ending is she good or bad dilemma would be interesting).

I'm so sorry that this is so long. I hope you can grasp some of my idea. It's still very rough; I haven't worked out any of the possible plot holes and or timeline inconsistencies yet. I probably never will.
I just wish we could have more SGA...

Thanks for watching!


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