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Uploaded on Jul 23, 2009

(later at the beach they had dinner and went there)



miley-i love you

joe-i love you too

both-[looks into each other eyes about to kiss when]

josh-*wispers*what the hell are they doing

james-*wispers back*i don't know

miley-do u hear that


[they all hear a gun shot]

joe-miley lets go now and get behide me

miley-no i think u should get behide me [pulls a gun out]

joe-miley why do u have a gun

miley-trust me u don't wanna know, i'll tell u later

joe-ok[there abut to leave when]

josh-[comes out of no where]dear miley...miley when will u learn----

miley-[shorts his arm]

[when they get home]

joe-ok now tell me what was that all about

miley-ok well see every year all they school kids come to this bonfire and last year we got the most land, it's like a properti grant, it changes every year, this has been in my family but i did not know till 3 years ago, and now it's mostly us vs. the baywood kids and there other 2 school here r just lame they come to the bonfire bu never run, so who every gets the most land is best we can't go on there land and they can't come on ours

joe-wow, where we on there land

miley-yeah, they own the starting of the bay till the middle, the end part which is the best is ours and if u don't get more land this year they'll make our life a living hell

joe-ok i get it

miley-thats good cu now ur my boyfriend u soulh know this stuff just in case

joe-u want me to e ur boyfriend

miley-only if u want to [looks in his eyes]

joe-[looks back] i whould love to [kisses her]

mley-[kisses back n deepens it]

joe-[pulls her on to his lap]

miley-[puts her arms around his neck]

joe-[puts his arms around her waist]

miley-[pulls away]we should stop befour this goes to far

joe-why is there something wrong with me

miley-no ofcose not it's just... nevermind

joe-no tell me

miley-it's be a littlw wired but i love you [looks down] can't u wait till ur birthday it's in a week right

joe-yeah, and miley

miley-[looks up] yeah

joe-i'll wait forever if i have to

miley-[smiles gives him a kiss and leaves]

[with the girls there all in there PJ's]

selena-how was it

miley-amazing -[tells them every thing else]

[on monday at school]

miley-[walks in school]

jake-miles i gatta talk to u


jake-outside[they go outside]

miley-whats wrong

jake-we're having land probles

miley-OMG this is really bad

jake-yeah, lucas said they might get the most land this year

miley-thats bad really bad

jake-yeah ey wait a sec


jake-u know the new kid right joe joe jonas make make him to the land grants with u so u guys can't get duble the land

miley-nice idea, i'll go talk to him

jake-not at school the stupid baywood kids might see

miley-there spying on me, oh yeah they also did it friday night and i shot josh arm

jake-yeah, and watch out from ryan he said he's ganna make u pay for something u did

miley-whatever he can do whatever he wants, he really needs to learn not to mess with me

jake-what do u mean

miley-lets say it's bye bye ryan time [walks away]


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