Fukushima's Dirty Nuclear Mushroom Cloud: Enhanced video and analysis





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Published on May 24, 2012

Fukushima Unit 3 Explosion: New Video Released

Intense worldwide media interest in the unfolding nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima-Daiichi meant that by 14th March 2011, Fukushima Central Television had set up a long-distance terrestrial monitoring camera many kilometres from "ground zero".

So when Unit 3 exploded on that clear, bright sunny day, the event was captured by FCT's high-definition TV camera. The frame rate was either 29.97Hz (1080i) or 59.94Hz (720p). The footage was quickly made available to global media outlets and distributed worldwide by satellite.

Later that day, Australian TV broadcasters transmitted the event on terrestrial DVB-T networks, as either 25Hz (576i) or 50Hz (720p).

Analysis of the 576i stream reveals extra details "buried" in the interlaced signal: e.g. the transient bright flash emanating from the south-east corner of building. So the interlaced signal was laboriously split into two sets of images, each set representing only half a frame, or one field, of the 576i signal.

Although the resultant 50 fps recombined sequence presented here does not exactly synchronise with the original Japanese TV camera frame rate, it is hoped that this new video reconstruction of the event can lead independent researchers, the media and the public to a better understanding of what really happened.

If the bright flash really was a prompt criticality in the spent fuel pool, as nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen has consistently said, then it is time the global military and CTBT satellite data is made public, to confirm that the gamma-ray burst was detected by sensors in GPS and other satellites within range of Fukushima at that moment.

It is time independent nuclear experts explained to the world's media how an alleged "hydrogen explosion" can produce a filthy dark-grey mushroom cloud, very clearly distinct from the pale-grey concrete dust seen closer to ground level, and nothing like the hydrogen explosion at Unit 1 two days earlier.

The concern is that the dark colour is oxidized uranium and plutonium, which had been produced deep below only moments before, in a massive molten_metal + nuclear_fuel + H2O (water or steam) reaction. Nuclear physicist Kenneth D Bergeron says this can happen when molten fuel burns through the bottom of the RPV, and -- ejected under great pressure and at high speed -- reacts with water in the suppression torus. It was predicted 40 years ago by "CONTAIN" mathematical models, and the failure mode even has a name: DIRECT CONTAINMENT HEATING!

Huge aerosolized releases of these uranium/plutonium oxides and the accompanying fission products would explain why it took the USS Ronald Reagan's crew so many attempts to scrub all the nuclear crap off of their deck.


1. Buy Bergeron's book: Bergeron, Kennenth D, 2002, the MIT Press. "Tritium on ice, the dangerous new alliance of nuclear weapons and nuclear power" (especially chapter 3 on nuclear safety, where DCH is discussed at length)

2. Is my DCH hypothesis basically the same thing as a "steam explosion" as described by another independent commentator? http://www.youtube.com/user/GoddardsJ... and http://iangoddard.com/fukushima01.html

3. (October 2012) Further evidence of how any air mass can be made to GLOW BRIGHTLY BUT FLEETINGLY by an intense burst of gamma- and X-rays is available at http://www.cartage.org.lb/en/themes/s... I have also posted about this in a comments forum at enenews: http://enenews.com/economist-strange-...

COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: The source video has been distributed worldwide by satellite, and is a matter of huge public interest, given that huge releases of radionuclides have the potential to kill hundreds of thousands of people by "untraceable" nuclear pollution. The enhanced version is placed here based on the public interest and "fair use". If anybody has a better version signal at the original HDTV resolution and frame rate, I encourage them to do contrast-enhancement and also make it public. Perhaps Fukushima Central Television could perform this public service to the world community!!!!!

TECHNICAL NOTE: This video plays at half speed of 25 images per second. With limited skills and tools I was unable to make it replay at the correct real-time speed of 50fps (fifty 720i fields per second). The flash on the SE corner of building 3 is visible for 25 fields, or half a second. At its greatest apparent size, it looks about half the size of the south wall of building 3, but then it appears to get "sucked back" into the building, and no residual smoke can be seen! (refer "more info", item 3, above)


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