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Published on Feb 23, 2011

First off, dont panic and grab your towel.

Torrents are very simple, you just gota know what to do, and what to look for.

-What are torrents?
Torrents are a way of downloading files, it is p2p.
P2P stands for Peer to Peer.
Essentially it means that the files, rather that downloaded from a single source, are gathered from alot of other people [peers] who have this file.

Torrents are generally preferred by people downloading large files, or by people with a slow internet connection because of the ability to pause/resume downloads midway, rather that the connection being cut of completely and the download having to be restarted. [as with direct download, ie: rapidshare]

Note, when you download torrents you do so at your own risk, you should not download illegal files and I will not be held responsible for your actions.

-What do I need:
You just need one thing, a P2P Client, basically a program that handles the torrents for you.

I would recommend BitTorrent or uTorrent:
http://www.utorrent.com/ [The u is wierd because that is the symbol for micro, ie: small, due to the programs tiny file size.]

Download and install BitTorrent/uTorrent.

-Where do you get torrents?
There are hundreds of sites, but for now, I recommended thepiratebay:

-Now what?
Once on thepiratebay, search for something you want to download, be it a video, song, even an ebook.

Once the search is complete you will[/may] get lots of results.
Take a look to the right, there are two columns, SE and LE

SE stands for Seeders
Seeders are what your looking for, they are other people "giving" you the file, they have finished their download and are now "seeding" for other people.
You want to look for the torrent with the most seeders, these are generally faster.

LE stands for Leechers
Leechers are people like you, downloading the file, while numbers of leechers is not necessarily a bad thing, vast numbers of them [when compared to seeders] may slow the download [ie: 1 seeder : 100 leechers, one person trying to share his bandwidth to 100 just wont work]

Click on the SE at the top of the column to arrange by seeders, the ones on the top should download faster.

Find a torrent you want, and hit download.
Notice that it is a very small file, that is because it is just text, a "link" that can be read by BitTorent.

Open that file with bittorrent.

Wait for the download to complete
[note: it may take a couple of minutes to get started, and if no seeders are connected, it will not start]

Once completed, you will start to seed [or seed more] click on the torrent and click stop [seed for a while so others can get the file, dont hit and run ;) ] so that it does not continue to eat bandwidth.

Close bittorrent [you will have to right click the icon in the bottom right of your taskbar]

Voila, your download should be in your downloads folder [duh] or wherever you told bittorrent to download it it [check the settings]

Have fun
Dont do anything I wouldent do ;)
For educational purposes only, I am not responsible for your actions.

Comments • 24

Thanks bud but no. That's not the problem. I've tried reducing the upload speed and download speed before thinking that was the obvious solution. There's more to. Something like freeing up the too many ports used by utorrent as default or something. Thanks for reply but.
Have you ever heard of anyone being unable to browse while torrenting. Every time I torrent my browser is strangled and will not load any pages from the internet but torrent is downloading/uploading perfectly. Do you know of a straight forward solution for this? Could be the subject of a new video for you eh?
when i try to download a torrent it comes up with '' chrome cannot find torcache'' 
@ND1Razor I got a wow one ;)
@ND1Razor How do you skin it? :)
Is this w7? if so, how did u get the chrome install bar to go black?!
@ND1Razor Link please? :)
Mental Self Mutilation
Thank you so much! I really hope I can do all that fast enough, or else I'm really screwed. and that sounds weird, are you sure it keeps going long after it's paused?
Mental Self Mutilation
How do I pause ALL torrents at once? URGENT please! Help!
Nokie OoOoO
thx for the bitorrent man...now my kpbs 400+++ cool! XD..last time i use utorrent only get 200++ now i change to bitorrent he up to 400++ XD
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