Electrifying Adventures in Pokémon Black 2- The Lunar Wing and the Lunar Pokemon: Cresselia





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Published on Oct 28, 2012

This is a fused video of the videos finding the Lunar Wing and catching Cresselia. The video has a transition between the two of them. Both description will follow.

This video features obtaining the Lunar Wing from the Strange House. The Lunar Wing is item dropped by Cresselia that removes nightmares from sleeping people. The Strange House is a small clay adobe house on the far right side of Reversal Mountain outside of Lentimas Town. When you enter the house, many pieces of furniture, from sofas to pots will in fixed positions and you must around them. You must walk down the stairs on the left hand side of the house and walk through the basement and come back up the stairs on the right side. When you appear on the first floor again the furniture is rearranged, now walk up the staircase and walk across the second floor to the stairwell on the left side of the house. When you get to the middle of the second floor, a ghost girl will appear and talk about being interlocked in a horrible nightmare, then she will fade away. Proceed down the left-side staircase and walk back down to basement and cross that room again. After proceeding out of the basement for the second time walk up the set of stairs in the center and go in the room parallel to it. The room is empty, only a single item on a weaved rug with a yellow crescent moon on it. Pick up the Lunar Wing and it will go to your Key Items bag, then the ghost girl will appear and ask you to take the Lunar Wing to Cresselia on Marvelous Bridge. The Lunar Wing can be obtained during or after finishing the main story.

This video features catching Cresselia on Marvelous Bridge. Marvelous Bridge is accessed from the east of Nimbasa City or the west of Black City/White Forest after completing the main story. When you approach the middle the of bridge, a text appears with the words stating the Lunar Wing is starting to glow, if you say "Yes", Cresselia's cry is heard it comes to you from across the water. If you reply "No", Cresselia will not appear, but can will any time when come to Marvelous Bridge. Cresselia loves to spam Moonlight, when its HP is low, so paralyze it or put it to sleep to prevent it from healing. On another note, the ghost girl will appear here before you catch Cresselia, but after it is caught she will not appear anymore.

Cresselia- Level 68- Female
Ability: Levitate- Makes the Pokemon immune to Ground-type Moves
Future Sight
Psycho Cut


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