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Published on Feb 22, 2008

Yeah I know it's been a while. Sorry for the wait. I needed to buy a new camera, that's why the quality looks better. The other video (and all others for this game after this mission) were filmed with a Pentax Optio 6.0, this video is done with an M40. It covers Mission 2: Winter Breakout for the PS2 version.

Here's the original walkthrough I wrote for this mission:

Mission 2: Winter Breakout

Character: MacDonald
Inventory: Nothing
Objective(s): Talk to the SBO (Senior British Officer)

Talk to the SBO

Run out of your room, make a left and run down the hall to the room at the end. A cinematic will play introducing you to the SBO. You'll have the compass afterward.

New Objective: Talk to the Big X

Run out of the left side of the building, run round back of the second and head through the door on the left side (there's no door on the right side). Make a right into a small room. A cinematic will play introducing you to the Big X.

New Objective: Speak to the Forger

Just turn right and press the "action" button. A cinematic will play introducing you to the forger.

New Objective: Get a German Pass

(Note: In the first room on the right in this building is a Bottle on the table.) Head back outside, using the side doors, and head into the third building. In here make a right and go to the front door. Peek through the keyhole by using the button for peeking up once the door icon appears above the compass. As you look through the keyhole wait until the Guard moves somewhere to the right of your view (the further the better). Open the door and run to your right, wait if you have to for the spotlight to move away from you. Then run through the gate and over into the Guard hut (forth building). When you open the door press the "crouch" button to go into sneak mode because there's a Guard sleeping in here. Sneak to your right and into the small room here to get the German Pass.

New Objective: Get the German Pass to the Forger

After you get the Pass a 6 minute 30 second timer will start. Sneak back out of the Guard hut; wait for the Guard to walk away (look through the keyhole). Head back to the Forger, equip the Pass and give it to him.

New Objective: Return the German Pass

You should have plenty of time to get the pass back to the Guard hut. Do the same thing you did before. When you get to the place to put the Pass back you'll get another objective.

New Objective: Talk to the Tunneler

Head to the third building. Run all the way to the guy in the tan vest at the back of the building. Press the "action" button to trigger a cinematic will play where you get introduced to the Tunneler.

New Objective: Get a Shovel

Head out the right side of the building, wait, and peek to the left to see when the spotlight is away from the Shovel. Then go over to it, collect it, equip it. Go back inside the building the way you came. Go over to the back of the crate and press the "action" button to move it. Then go over to the ladder and climb down. Give the Tunneler the Shovel and he'll give you a Key.

New Objective: Get some Wood

Climb back up the ladder and cover the hole with the crate. Do it quickly the Guards are about to do a search of the barracks. Go into first person and wait for the Guards to leave, wait ten seconds and another Guard will walk through. When he leaves run to the left side of the barracks, look through the keyhole until all the Guards go into their barracks. Run to the front of the barracks and look through the keyhole and do the same you did before. Run over to the two woodsheds, the one on the right is the one you want. Equip the Keys, then open the shed get a pile of Wood. Equip the Wood and head back to the Tunneler. Give him the Wood. (Note: After every time you leave the Tunneler, close the crate over the hole just in case.)

New Objective: Get the Forged Pass and Exit the Camp

Climb back out of the tunnel and back to the Forger. Get the Forged Pass and head back to the tunnel. Hold the "Crouch" button until you're in crawl mode. Crawl to the end of the tunnel.


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