The Samson Option, Israel's Threat to Take Down the World With It - Part 1 of 2





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Published on Sep 27, 2010

What a pitiful humanity

The biggest problem with most of the people who have put their faith in a religion, is their conviction that their religion is superior to others.

The words of religious people, by publically confessing their faith, will unavoidably reach people who will firmly object to these words, just because they're professing another religion.

Religions are guaranteed to create conflicts.

In every war both parties have claimed to have god on their side and every war has been blessed in the name of god, this being done so by both of the parties being eager to kill each other.

What an insanity! If there really was an almighty being listening to this kind of crap, it would implicate that it were only the victors of wars who have received such a 'divine' blessing.

That would also mean that more than often the provokers of war, the very aggressors, were the ones who have received the blessing of such a god.

The more believe in such a god, the more wars there will be fought.

The more fanatic the followers of religions, the more fanatic their wars will be.

If all these believers believed in love only, thus without a god full of both love and revenge, not a single war would have to be fought.

Religions with different perceptions of god compete each other. All think their perception of god is the right one, which turns the god they believe in into a kind of a champion.

Demagogues use this to create wars.

Believe in love only. Love is love. There can't be much confusion about that.

Love is loving. The people in the need to glorify love, would only be loving more than others.


There are many conceptions of a god, but there can be only one conception of love.

The concept of love doesn't easily leans itself to inspire wars, the concept of a god does.

And by the way, please don't think that the establishment of a one world religion would nullify all of the above.

Considering the people now advocating such a religion, again we would have to face a revengeful god that will only be used to advance their wicked goals.

It will all come down to the point that the people who realize what's going on and who really know what love is all about, will be left with no other choice than to violently fight back, since most of their love will go out to children. Naturally.

But that might just be a few, and by then it will probably too late.

What a pitiful humanity.


Please fight back without violence now. Write if you can, start a blog, inform influential people, artists, whatever, inform just your neighbor, for my part. Just do something now, whatever you think might fit you a little, do it. No matter how indirectly or futile it might appear to be, please do so, and do so without unnecessary delay. Keep up the fight for a viable future for our children, for they can't do it themselves. Now is the time, more than ever before. Use the very leftovers of your liberty to do so peacefully right now, for they are disappearing as we speak.


For my poster: 'In memory of John F. Dimona Kennedy, Dedicated to the People of Gaza' see: http://theevilofzionismexposedbyjews...., feel welcome to spread it!

For more information about Zionism, please visit my little website containing 14 specific chapters consisting of quotes from Jews:


Really did my best here to avoid all the well known, but fake quotes circulating on the Internet.


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