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Published on Mar 11, 2006

This is a clip from the stand-up, Chris Rock - Never Scared, and it's taken from when Chris Rock speaks on white men being wealthy and black men being rich.

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This video is nearly 10 years old, wow.
Highly intelligent funny, that is CR.
Had to hear this again. Real Talk.
Tetty Pret
The amount of uneducated ignorance in this clip is ridiculous.
The fact that a very few black people have become not just rich, but wealthy (can you name more than half a dozen, besides Oprah?) does not mean that institutional racism has been relegated to the past. The vast majority of black people in America are still disadvantaged in many ways. The fact that this is invisible to white people doesn't make it not so. Class and race are intricately tied together, in the USA especially.
Super Duper Felix Parker
dwc1964 okay noble keyboard warrior, calm down now. dudes a comedian, he makes a living making outrageous statements that make people laugh, his word is not supposed to be taken as gospel
Pexport llc
Think about the number of people we imprison that would disappear that would shut down more than 50% of jails courts and police stations. Imagine how many THOUSANDS of DEA and local narcotics officers, probation officer prison guards that would need to be retrained or they can go into the security field. Think about the number of gangs and criminals that THRIVE of drug dealing that would disappear. REGULATE all drugs to 21+ adults only and place a mandatory minimum of 5 years prison to anyone buying narcotics for a minor and if it results in minors death mandatory LIFE that would encourage 99% of all adults to not buy for minors. The cost of the drugs THEMSELVES would drop dramatically no more would a heroin addict need 300-400 dollars a day when he can get the same amount of drug that is NOT ADULTERATED WITH DANGEROUS CHEMICALS ALL FOR THE NAME OF PROFIT a pharmacy will sell him the same amount for 20$ and EDUCATE him about safe use of the specific narcotic he is purchasing and would have to sign a waiver that he understands the risks of use. That would drive down medical costs as well because most medical problems related to drugs have to do with the adulterants put into the drugs, some bags of heroin are only 20 percent pure that means 80% is a combination of adulterated shit. There would be Major job growth from the taxation production distribution etc of the drugs themselves NOT ONLY would we save BILLIONS every year we would make BILLIONS on top of that all while protecting our CHILDREN and ADULTS not only from the VIOLENCE and "RIP OFF" deals but the adulterants and many other things that would just NOT EXIST in a legal market like with cigarettes and alcohol. I WISH people would wake up and realize that heroin/morphine comes from a plant like cocaine and tobacco, this would also remove the STIGMA and SHAME of drugs and allow millions of people to seek help without fear of judgement and persecution. PLEASE share this idea with more people knowledge really is power and most just have not been shown there is a way out that is BENEFICIAL TO ALL SIDES. ISNT THAT THE WHOLE POINT OF LIFE is to make beneficial change when there are virtually no bad side effects for the better of the future of humanity????
sk honcho
speaking the truth
Vallihuldun Untamed
fckig nailed wealthy vs rich
LMAO "Bling! Bling!" 😆😂😆
Raptor Rachel
I bet the government would make more money off of taxing drugs than they make off of putting drug dealers in jail.
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