Most Evil Children in History





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Published on Nov 28, 2010

Edit: So I made this video In High school when I was in my mid teens. I am now in my early-mid 20's. This video wasn't targeted at anyone and It does leave out a lot of known Murderers(Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold), but I whipped this up for my Psychology Class in less then 5 minutes and decided Hey, Ill put this on youtube. I'm surprised it's a hit, but thanks for all the positive feedback:)

Expressing your Opinions in the comments, good or bad, are welcomed, but Racism and Hate speech in general isn't, Thanks!

The Song is "In the House, In a Heartbeat" by John Murphy, which was also in the famous Zombie Movie, 28 days later.

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Danica DeCosto
Now we can add those two 12 year old girls who almost killed their friend because of Slenderman.
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Aaron Seidl
I am from Wisconsin so I heard about the Slenderman thing right away. Also, I think it was out in Washington a girl around that age set her house on fire trying to kill her family for Slenderman. It is sad and sick to see what children in this day and age have become because of the internet. And for kids like that and the ones in this video, I wish they would just give them the chair because they don't deserve life when they take it from someone else. That goes for any age. 
Amanda Victoria
+Jacob Holasek No. She's alive and well actually.
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Paige Ingenito
FUCK!!! Im on the weird side of youtube again
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That one Person
Paige Ingenito welcome my friend
it's WAYYYYYYYY to easy to find yourself on that side. sometimes i cant even figure out how i managed it
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Marine Benett
10 years for killing three human beings? wow, Canada, I'm impressed. :-/
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Darien Vieira_19
If she's still alive, she gets out of prison this year.
That's kind of exactly what I though. 
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John Cash
It's weird that a school shooter actually put a comment on this video a few weeks before his mass murder. 
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Space Rain
Do u remember the guy's name?
matthew nordtvedt
+Cm Punk "can someone explain to me WHY we have a juvenile court when children so young have been tried as adults. for the life of me I cant figure it out" so i was searching through comments to find the person who said they where going to do a school shooting or what not. and i saw this comment and i figured i would explain this to you. we have a juvenile court for young kids who do things like steal do drugs fight just fairly little thing sometimes bigger things. but the moment a kid kills someone they have avery hight chance of being tried as an adult. that jus the short version haha hope that helps murder is a very serious thing and therefore it will be treated as an adult crime. 
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That Mary bell picture kinda freaks the heck out of me for some reason
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Liam's Lenz
+scottonfire543 That's probably because of the quality.
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Billy Staggs
I believe that kids shooting up schools is the result of ONE thing -- it's called bullies! It's not safe to bully a kid anymore within school. So if you're a bully -- you best stop, because kids don't deal with that anymore. It could cost you your life! When I was in school... I had some pretty dark thoughts concerning the bullies who bullied me. I should have been arrested for my thinking, but I kept myself from acting upon it. My advice -- don't ever bully. The devil will catch up with you (metaphorically speaking). 
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Kelly oxo
+tiff Christie Why do people have to target someone, doesn't that say something about them? There are more people who have no compassion for other people than people with mental illness. You know Hitler didn't like the mentally ill either.
Seamus Belisle
+Billy Staggs or just teach kids to man up and stop bullying
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Black ops 1000
What is wrong with these kids they are demon children 
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+SDCRIT there are some people that just love to kill, plain and simple, an adrenalin rush. 
+SAMGummyBear Yeah... I feel pretty bad for her. I really wish these stupid "parents" would not have kids in the first place. Like if you can't take care of the children, don't get them. It's pretty simple. 
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Austin Pierre
False. My sister is the most evil bitch out there. Seriously. Fuck her.
Seth Wright
"Uh oh, I accidentally hit a girl in the eye with a bat. Maybe it will help if I drag her away and stab her 11 times."
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Pass The Mustard
That makes PERFECT sense!!!!
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What you didn't mention was that Mary Bell was abused, didn't grow up with a father (who is suspected to have been a criminal), and that her mother repeatedly tried to kill her and make her death look accidental when she was little. She came from a extreme situation. Not many consider what that can do to a child. If she didn't do those things at a younger age, or not get caught, she probably would've grown up to be a serial killer. 
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Haylee Spinale
Her mother also forced her to engage in sexual acts with men when she was little
Tea Tomic
+themarshrox21  ok. we are not talking obout you at all...it is obout the video... but hush dont tell... omg..what a dush...
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